SEAS Green Team Past Events

Power Down Challenge

The Power Down Challenge is a competition between academic buildings to see who can conserve the most energy in comparison to their monthly average. Steps to decrease energy consumption included using Smart Strips, turning off the lights in unused rooms, taking advantage of natural light, and switching to energy efficient light bulbs.

The winner of the 2014 Power Down Challenge was Meyerson Hall, with a 7.57 percent reduction in energy consumption. Offices were able to achieve a reduction in energy through use of several methods. These methods include:

  • Replacing regular power strips with Smart Strips
  • Turning off lights in unoccupied rooms
  • Using natural light as main light source on sunny days
  • Unplugging unused devices (cell phone chargers, radios, space heaters etc.)

Water Taste Challenge

The Water Taste Challenge is a survey in which we asked staff, faculty and students in SEAS to compare the taste of filtered, bottled, and tap water. Participants were asked to taste a sample of the three different types of water and distinguish which ones were which. A total of 129 people participated in this event, and only 32 people were able to correctly guess the types of water. That’s a meager 25 percent. This just goes to show that despite popular belief, bottled water does not always taste better, nor is it better for you for that matter. Over 30 billion water bottles are sold in the Unites States alone, yet only 12 percent of those plastic water bottles get recycled. As a whole, we need to start eliminating the use of plastic water bottles and conserve the world’s resources.