Advisory Boards

Under the leadership of Dr. Susan Davidson, the faculty and student advisory boards have committed their time and expertise to AWE.

Faculty Committee


Dr. Susan Davidson, Chair, Weiss Professor of Computer and Information Science

Michaile E. Rainey, Director, Advancing Women in Engineering
Dr. Celia Reina, William K. Gemmill Term Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
Dr. Susan Margulies, Professor, Bioengineering
Dr. Kathleen Stebe, Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Dr.Cherie Kagan, Associate Professor of Electrical and Systems Engineering
Dr. Russell Composto, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Dr. Ertugrul Cubukcu, Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Electrical and Systems Engineering

Dr. Beth Winkelstein, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education; Professor, Bioengineering


Student Advisory Board


Fereshteh Abbasi, Systems Science Engineering

Ally Bernstein, Bioengineering

Alexis Block, Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics

Patricia Borges, Systems Engineering

Elizabeth Boyle, Bioengineering

Ilaria Caturegli, Bioengineering

Heather Culberston, Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics

Kristen Duda, Materials Science & Engineering

Katie Gibson,   Computer & Information Science

Susan Greenberg, Network & Social Systems Engineering (NETS)

Cathryn Herbst, Bioengineering (M&T)

Laurel Hind, Bioengineering

Emily Hyman, Systems Science Engineering

Allegra Larch, Computer & Information Science

Chloe le Comte, Systems Science Engineering

Morgan Lundblad, Materials Science & Engineering

Rebecca Michelson, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Katherine Miller, Bioengineering

Diana Moock, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Annie Mroz, Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics

Melissa Myint, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Danielle Orlowski, Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics

Stephanie Pasquesi, Bioengineering

Bianca Pham, Network & Social Systems Engineering (NETS)

Rebecca Pierce, Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics

Shira Redlich, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Lauren Rodgers, Bioengineering

Alex Roederer, Computer & Information Science

Danielle Rubin, Bioengineering

Logan Troppito,   Bioengineering

Chevonae Walcott, Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics

Elissa Wolf , Digital Media Design


If you have questions about the AWE board or ideas for future AWE programs,

please contact Michaile E. Rainey