How to Transfer Files with FileZilla on Windows (SFTP, Kerberos)

Note: FileZilla is no longer recommended by ISC for transferring files via SFTP. Please see the WS_FTP article for more information.

You may transfer files securely over the Internet with a Windows software package called FileZilla. Macintosh users can transfer files with Fetch. Filezilla can be used with either the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) or the Kerberos Authentication Protocol.

Filezilla is available for free download from the project website. During installation, make sure to opt-out of the two third-party tools, presented as advertisements.

How to Configure FileZilla for Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

Using the Site Manager to Setup your Connection

The instructions below are for setting up an SFTP connection to your SEAS Home Directory. If you are trying to setup an SFTP connection to another server/machine, you'll need the correct hostname and default remote directory.

You can also set up your default local and remote directories using the "Advanced..." button. If you are setting this up to go to your SEAS home directory, your default remote directory would be, for example, /home1/s/smithj/html/.

Connecting to your Site, "SEAS Home Directory":

Note: The first time only that you connect to your server, the below dialog box will display. Click Yes to store the SSL certificate.


How to Configure a New Kerberos-enabled FTP site

1. Launch FileZilla
2. From the Edit menu, select Settings... .The FileZilla Options window displays.
3. Scroll down the left panel of the FileZilla Options window, and then click the + sign to the left of Connection to expand the menu.
4. Select GSS support under the Connection heading. The GSS support window displays.
5. On the displayed GSS support window, check Enable Kerberos GSS support.
6. In the text box directly in front of sentence that begins For each server. . ., type, then click the Add button. Click OK.

7. From the File menu, select Site Manager.
8. Click the New Site button in the bottom left of the window.
9. In place of the displayed words New FTP site, type a descriptive name for your new FTP site profile (e.g., My SEAS Home Directory).
10. Click in the Host: field, then type the actual host name of the new FTP site (e.g.,
11. Beneath Logontype, ensure the Anonymous radio button is selected.
12. Click the Save and Exit button at the bottom right of the window. You have successfully created an FTP site profile that will use Kerberos authentication.

Only if you have installed the Leash32 alternate configuration installer (see notes above), under the Edit menu select Connection and then Firewall Settings. Check the Passive Mode box.


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