How do I fix the permissions on my html directory?

Using the Account Management Site

You can fix the permissions on your html directory using the Accounts Management Website.

Login to, and click on the link "Manage Web Page". Then click on the Continue button to fix the permissions on your html directory on Eniac. This will fix your html directory permissions. If you don't have an html directory created yet, this will create one for you and set all the permissions correctly. (Note: Begining in April 2005, all new SEAS accounts come with an html directory set correctly.)

Using WS_FTP

You can also set permissions using the FTP program, WS_FTP. More details.

Using UNIX

Use these commands:

% chmod a+x ~
% chmod -R a+rx ~/html
The downside of this is that it makes all of the documents on your web site executable. This doesn't make a difference in terms of the web or security, but it will make people (and the system) think that these are programs that can be run.

Another way which may be more preferable is

% chmod a+x ~
% find ~/html -type d -exec chmod a+rx {} +
% find ~/html -type f -exec chmod a+r {} +
This will make all of your directories executable and writable, and will make your documents readable (but not executable).
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