Other Mailers

For Android devices and other mailers not listed/supported, here is a list of settings that you should know:

IMAP or POP server (incoming): username.mail.seas.upenn.edu (where username is your Username)
IMAP Server Folder Prefix: ~/Mail/
SSL or TLS for incoming mail server: enabled
SMTP Authentication enabled
SMTP Server (outgoing): smtp.seas.upenn.edu
"From" address: username@seas.upenn.edu
SSL or TLS for outgoing mail server: enabled
Port Numbers:

IMAP 993
POP 995
SMTP 465

Secure Password Authentication:
(if applicable)

disabled (unchecked)


Please set the "automatic check for email" option to no less than 6 minutes.

If your computer is not connected to the SEAS network, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may require a different SMTP server setting. If you have trouble sending mail, please check with your ISP for the correct setting.

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