How Do I Read Email at SEAS?

At Penn Engineering, users have several email programs to choose from. CETS recommends the following combination: use Thunderbird under IMAP configuration when reading mail from home, work, or your laptop, and use Webmail when reading mail elsewhere. CETS recommends picking one client and sticking with it, as using more than one at a time can result in lost mail. Never use more than one client simultaneously, as inbox corruption and mail loss can result. The rest of this article contains more detailed information about the several email clients SEAS supports.


SEAS Webmail is available at

Webmail lets you read email in any modern web browser without the need to configure a native client. Webmail has gained features on par with native email programs and many users exclusively use webmail to manage email due to its convenience.

Graphical Clients

Graphical clients are available on all lab systems and for free download from Penn Computing.


Thunderbird is a free, easy to use email client from Mozilla. Follow the directions to configure Thunderbird to read your SEAS email.

Apple Mail

Mail is a graphical email client for Mac OS X. Follow the directions to configure Apple Mail to read your SEAS email.

Microsoft Outlook

Mobile Devices


Please visit the iPhone Mail Configuration article for more information.

Other Mobile Devices

If you have another mobile device please use the General Mail Configuration article.

Text-Based Clients

The clients in this section require you to log into Eniac's Unix shell. For information on logging in, please see How Do I Log Into Eniac?


Mutt is a text-based email client for Unix-like systems and is preconfigured on SEAS servers such as eniac. When logging into your eniac account to read mail and in general, be sure to use SecureCRT or SSH (not telnet) to connect to eniac. Don't forget to log out of your account when you are done.

To start Mutt, type mutt at the Eniac command prompt.

For additional documentation on using Mutt, see:


Pine is not widely used, but provided for those who already know how to use it and is minimally preconfigured on SEAS servers such as eniac. Pine is less customizable than Mutt but is more user-friendly with its menu-driven format and clear instructions at every screen.

To start Pine, type pine at the Eniac command prompt. Note that the program actually installed on SEAS servers is Alpine, the successor to Pine.

For documentation on using Alpine, see:

Other Mail Clients

If your mail client is not listed above, you can the general mail settings to setup your client.

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