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Deadline to apply is August 2, 2013!

Welcome to Penn Engineering! We're Computing and Educational Technology Services (CETS). If you have a work-study award, you love computers, and even if you've considered working anywhere else, you can work for CETS. Why consider joining the best computing staff on campus? See what CETS can offer you...

  • Flexibility: At CETS you're *never* on call, so work doesn't interfere with your study time. In fact, you customize your schedule to fit your needs and you have the option of making changes as often as you like.
  • Growth potential: CETS is a full service computing organization. Our promotion opportunities offer hands on experience in everything from unix systems administration to wireless networking to web development. And working at CETS looks excellent on a resume. Several of our students work for us in more than one capacity, which creates a very well-rounded background.
  • Great pay/Consistent pay: Our positions *start* at $10.50 an hour and our hours are consistent *throughout* the semester, so you never need to worry about slow work weeks affecting your pay.
  • Autonomy: Our students have a team of professionals to back them up, however, our Help Desks are essentially staffed and managed by students. Also, some of our higher level student positions even offer the choice of tele-commuting.
  • Nurturing environment: Our students work side by side with computing professionals who aren't afraid of giving them real responsibilities while providing encouragement and guidance. Yet, many of our students initially came to us with very little experience.
  • Latest technologies: CETS won't have you working on outdated or antiquated equipment. Our consultants work in state-of-the-art computer labs on the latest software.Also, many of the technologies now used throughout computing facilities on campus were first developed at CETS with significant contributions from our student staff.
  • No early move-in required: Enjoy the rest of your summer! Work at CETS begins in mid-September, giving you an opportunity to concentrate on starting class and on getting acclimated to your new surroundings. We recognize and respect that your studies come first.
  • We believe in spreading the wealth: Because of our reputation, we're often asked for student referrals for IT positions throughout campus. Therefore, students who apply with us aren't limited in their choices for rewarding positions in computing. Chances are, if we don't hire you, we will refer you.
  • Love computers, but you don't have a lot of experience? Great, because CETS doesn't require a lot of experience, just enthusiasm, commitment, and a genuine interest in computers.

Engineering is a very demanding curriculum requiring frequent use of our labs. As an Engineering student you will be spending a lot of time in CETS labs using software not found anywhere else on campus. Why not get paid for it?

If you haven't signed your workstudy papers yet, and you want to make the most of your college career, you still have a chance to work at CETS.

DEADLINE: August 2, 2013! Slots are limited, so apply today.

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Feel free to contact me at 215-898-4708 or tonya@seas.upenn.edu.

Thank you,
Tonya Revell
Consulting Staff Manager