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Meet Our Students:

Sahithya Prakash
Class of 2018

"I came into college knowing that I wanted to study both the hardware and software sides of engineering. When I found out that Penn offered a Computer Engineering major, I knew it was perfect for me and it was something I wanted to pursue. Being in the program made me realize how well this major combines Electrical Engineering and Computer Science courses and allows for someone to become well-learned in both fields."

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Contact the CMPE Program:

Undergraduate Coordinators

Staci Kaplan
Email | 215-898-2771

Amy Calhoun

Andre DeHon
Program Director
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BSE in Computer Engineering

General Student Resources: Program Information

For Students Entered Fall 2015 and Beyond: Degree Requirements (Course Planning Guide) | Sample Curriculum | Course Dependencies Flow Chart

For Students Entered Fall 2010: Degree Requirements (Course Planning Guide) | Sample Curriculum | Course Dependencies Flow Chart

The enormous computational capabilities of modern computer technology offer the potential to create new applications and value that can be turned into concrete artifacts and services that improve our lives and create wealth.

Computer Engineering is the discipline that designs and engineers computer systems from digital circuits, through compilers and runtime systems, to networking and world-wide distributed systems. As an engineering discipline, the computer engineer must appreciate the physical aspects of computations
(energy, delay, area, reliability, costs) and be able to expertly navigate the multidimensional tradeoff space associated with implementing computations.


Computer Engineers write software and firmware for embedded and handheld systems, design chips, network and telecommunication hardware and software, and operating systems, and engage in robotics research. 

Offered jointly by the Departments of Computer and Information Science and Electrical and Systems Engineering, Penn Engineering’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (CMPE) program is set up to capitalize on the strengths of both departments.

The flagship of the program is a series of coordinated sequential labs in which students progress from building a prototype computer system similar to an iPhone, to an embedded, real-time, life critical medical device tested for reliability, to a massively parallel computing system requiring extreme programming of a hard computational project.