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Research Spotlight

Dr. Mark Yim

Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics

Dr. Yim's research interests began with modular robots that are made up of identical active components that can be arranged to form many different configurations, ranging from a snake robot to a humanoid to a 17 legged centipede. These systems can also self-reconfigure, changing the robot’s shape to suit the task. In addition to self-reconfiguring and self-assembling robots, Mark has also started work on flying robots, and task specification, working to figure out how to specify a task so that a robot configuration can optimally satisfy that task.

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For questions regarding Penn Engineering Corporate and/or Foundation relations, please contact Eleanor Davis, Director of Development for Penn Engineering.

Any questions related to the licensing of intellectual property or to technology transfer should be directed to Trude Amick, Ph.D., Director of Licensing, Physical Sciences at Penn’s Center for Innovation (PCI).

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Additional resources regarding research funding, along with many helpful research tools and information, can be accessed via the Penn Research Portal.