Engineering a Better World

Where do students in Penn’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders (PennEWB) spend much of their free time?

In Terreritos, Honduras — working to build and maintain a sustainable water supply that the isolated farming village desperately needs.

At Philadelphia’s Saul High School of Agricultural Sciences — providing an after-school program to help Saul students build a fully functional methane biodigester to convert livestock manure into methane fuel for cooking and heating.

On campus — helping to organize outreach activities that focus on sustainable development from both an engineering and a cultural perspective as well as hands-on field work.

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Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship is a concept founded in the idea that we each have a responsibility not only to our local communities, but to the international community as well.

As global citizens, we at Penn Engineering educate our students to become thoughtful, informed and active participants in the international community. Our students have traveled all over the world working to increase access to technology and reduce disparities at local, national, and international levels. Through our global and local programs, this goal is achieved and students also get a chance to practice the skills that they have learned at Penn, enriching both their own educational experiences and making a positive difference in the world.

There are no borders or limits here for Penn Engineering students who want to make a positive difference. Read on to see some examples of Penn Engineering’s Global Involvement, or see all International Opportunities.

International Service Learning Projects
Service Learning is a unique form of outreach, in which the individual performing the service engages not only in the act of service, but also applies knowledge gained in the classroom in a hands-on way. For example, students who have learned the principles of biomechanics in the classroom can be a part of the Global BioMedical Service Program (GBS) and apply those principles in traveling abroad and helping to fit patients with prosthetic devices. Read more about international Service Learning opportunities.

Engineers Without Borders (EWB)
PennEWB is the University of Pennsylvania chapter of Engineers Without Borders - USA. On campus, around Philadelphia, and around the world, PennEWB seeks to address the challenges of international development through educational initiatives and the implementation of hands-on, sustainable engineering projects, while involving and training internationally responsible students. Since 2004, PennEWB has taken great strides towards accomplishing this goal and will continue to be a driving force in the education and development of students, mentors, and community members.

Global BioMedical Service Program (GBS)
The GBS Program prepares students through coursework at Penn designed to familiarize them with the techniques of building prosthetics, cultural differences between China and America, and clinical skills necessary to work with patients, followed by a 16-day trip to China. There, teams of Penn and Hong Kong Poly U students work with amputees at a local clinic--a six-day process that involves getting to know the patient and his or her needs; measuring, designing and building the prosthesis; then returning to the clinic to work with the patient to ensure proper fit.

Study Abroad
Penn Engineering is committed to preparing its students to become technological leaders throughout the world. Toward that end, we strongly encourage undergraduates to participate in an international experience- either through traditional study abroad programs or international internships. Through Penn Abroad, Penn Engineering students are afforded opportunities for study in some fifty countries in Africa, Asia, Australia, Eastern and Western Europe, and Latin America.