Peter F. Davies

Robinette Foundation Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, and Professor of
Bioengineering (BE)

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Honors and Awards:  Special Dean's Award - School of Medicine - 2010, Senior Research Scientist Award - American Heart Association - 2004

Research Expertise: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Cell and Tissue Mechanics

Peter's bioengineering research is directed at the fundamental mechanisms underlying cardiovascular diseases, in particular, the cellular, subcellular, and molecular pathophysiology of endothelial cells and the role that hemodynamics plays in the epigenetic regulation of molecular mechanotransduction, gene and protein expression an functional consequences in health and disease. Peter and his lab use computational models, experimental in vivo and in vitro flow devices and a full range of cell and molecular biology approaches.

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PhD Experimental Pathology 1975 - Cambridge University UK

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