Dennis E. Discher

Robert D. Bent Professor
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE)
Bioengineering (BE)
Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (MEAM)

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Honors and Awards:  Heilmeier Faculty Award for Excellence in Research - 2004, Jorge Heller Outstanding Paper Award - 2004, Board of Reviewing Editors, Science - 2004, Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Award of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation of Germany - 2003, Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers - 1999

Research Expertise: Cellular Engineering | Bioengineered Therapeutics | Devices and Drug Delivery | Cell Mechanics

Dennis' research efforts in the nano/bio realm range from stem cell-matrix interactions and high-accuracy proteomics to polymer-based nano-delivery of drugs. His lab pioneered studies of stem cell differentiation due to matrix elasticity and Mass Spectrometry approaches to folding at the proteomic scale. His lab has also developed novel degradable cylinders known as filomicelles as well as degradable polymersomes that shrink tumors and treat genetic diseases.

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Affiliations:  Adjunct Professor, Structural Biology (The Wistar Institute); Physics and Cell & Molecular Biology Graduate Groups;

PhD1993 - University of California at Berkeley & University of California at San Francisco
BS 1986 - University of California at Davis

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