Paul  Ducheyne

Bioengineering (BE)

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Research Expertise: Tissue Engineering | Biomaterials | Bioengineered Therapeutics | Devices and Drug Delivery

Paul's research is focused in the investigation of mechanistic effects of materials on cellular functions, specifically cell attachment, proliferation, differentiation and extracellular matrix formation, especially with respect to biomaterials and tissue engineering. His lab works extensively with the interface zone between materials and cells and tissues, using both materials science techniques as well as life science methods. In addition, studies focus on the combined effects of microgravity and substrate material on cellular functions and on material surface modification and controlled release of growth factors. Several tissue engineering applications are pursued with orthopedic and dental applications. Specifically, his laboratory studies whether bone defects can be repaired with full return of mechanical function by treating defects with in vitro synthesized bone tissue.

Member of:

PhD Materials Science 1976 - Katholieke Universiteit in Belgium
MSc Materials Science and Engineering 1972 - Katholieke Universiteit in Belgium

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