Matthew Lazzara

Assistant Professor
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE)
Bioengineering (BE)


Honors and Awards:  S. Reid Warren Jr. Award - 2011

Research Expertise: Cellular Engineering

Matt's research is in the areas of ErbB-mediated cell signaling and cell signaling in the renal proximal tubule. In the examination of ErbB receptors (e.g., EGFR, HER2), Matt looks at their signal transduction role in health, and how they are also implicated in multiple human cancers and constitute prime targets for anti-cancer therapeutics. His work in this area entails a systems approach for elucidating how ErbB trafficking and signaling influence cell fates in the presence of different stimulatory factors and molecular therapeutics. In studying cell signaling in the renal proximal tubule, he seeks to develop a detailed understanding of the coupling between fluid mechanical and mass transfer phenomena in the glomerulus and proximal tubule and consequent cell signaling and cellular fates in the proximal epithelium. Elevated excreted albumin concentration is a classical indicator of renal dysfunction, and it is increasingly appreciated as a potential mediator of renal disease as well.

Member of:

PhD Chemical Engineering 2003 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BS Chemical Engineering 1997 - University of Florida

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