New Graduate Students

Joseph SunDear Incoming Graduate Student,

We're delighted that you have decided to take your graduate engineering studies at Penn, and we're certain that you will have a wonderful experience both as a student in the classroom/lab and as a member of our vibrant student community.

In the classroom, you will be taught by skilled educators and leading researchers in their respective fields, and you will be interacting with a group of intellectual peers from all over the US and the world. This setting will provide you with an explosive and engaging learning environment, one that you will benefit from greatly through your active involvement in the learning process.

Outside of the classroom, you will have many activities and opportunities to add to your learning and professional preparation, and we want to encourage you to take an active role and become involved!

To start you well on your educational path at Penn, we have prepared a robust, yet well-balanced, New Student Orientation program for all incoming new graduate students. I do hope that you will take every advantage possible, and that you will make good use of the various activities and events that are on this schedule.

On behalf of the entire staff and faculty of Penn Engineering, we warmly welcome you this Fall!

Joseph Sun
Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

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