Portonovo Ayyaswamy Named Editor of ASME Journal of Heat Transfer

AyyaswamyPortonovo Ayyaswamy, Asa Whitney Professor of Dynamical Engineering in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, has been named Editor of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Journal of Heat Transfer beginning January 2016.

ASME serves the world-wide mechanical engineering community and society at large is in the publication of technical journals that present the results of current engineering and scientific research and practice. Fundamental to that service is the responsibility of editors, authors, and reviewers to maintain high ethical and quality standards relating to the submission, review, and publication of manuscripts.

As Editor, Dr. Ayyaswamy's primary responsibility will be to fulfill the community’s expectation for these standards that serve as the foundation for the entire engineering and scientific enterprise.

Dr. Ayyaswamy's research is in the area of mechanical engineering, with foci in modeling, simulations and experimentation of multi-phase flow/heat and mass transfer. Over the years, Dr. Ayyaswamy has contributed to many diverse areas of heat transfer, mass transfer, and fluid mechanics. These include investigations of finite sized bubble motion and the effects of surfactants in the context of gas embolism, forced convective effects on condensation, evaporation and combustion of moving drops and particles, the effect of electric fields on flames under normal and microgravity conditions, capillary flows related to heat pipes, buoyancy driven flows, and nano particle motion in the context of targeted drug delivery. He has also contributed to the containment safety and large scale safety of nuclear reactors.