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Penn Engineering News Archive

Headlines, Awards and Accomplishments from 2017

Shu Yang is featured in CleanTechnica's "Giant Clams To The Rescue, Part Deux: Solar Energy Transformer Edition"

Vijay Kumar is featured in IEEE Spectrum's "This Autonomous Quadrotor Swarm Doesn't Need GPS"

Matt Blaze is featured in Dark Reading's "The Coolest Hacks of 2017"

Aaron Roth is featured in Popular Science's "Here's how Apple can figure out which emojis are popular"
December 8, 2017

Matthew Blaze is featured in The Business of Federal Technology's "Senate Intel chair doesn't plan legislative push on election cyber"
December 8, 2017

Dan Koditschek is featured in PIDC Blog's "Update On Lower Schuylkill River Development"
December 4, 2017

Rahul Mangharam is featured in's "Can Driverless Cars Be Safe? Grand Theft Auto Helps Penn Scientists Find Out"
December 4, 2017

Matt Blaze is featured in the Cincinnati Enquirer's "Experts: States need federal help to protect voting machines from Russian hackers"
November 29, 2017

Insup Lee Named ACM Fellow
November 27, 2017

Karen Winey Receives Trustees Council of Penn Women 6th Annual Advising Award
November 20, 2017

Penn Engineering Dean Vijay Kumar join's Robohub's "Smart Swarm" Podcast
November 18, 2017

Ani Nenkova Named Crowdflower’s ‘AI for Everyone Challenge’ Winner
November 13, 2017

Matt Blaze is featured in ARS Technica's "Hacking the vote: Threats keep changing, but election IT sadly stays the same"
November 8, 2017

Lyle Ungar is featured in FiveThirtyEight's "Political Twitter is No Place for Moderates"
November 1, 2017

Cynthia Sung is featured in Popular Mechanics' "The 2017 Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards"
November 1, 2017

James Pikul is featured in NBC News' "Octopus-Inspired 'Skin' May Give Robots 3D Camouflage"
November 1, 2017

Rajeev Alur Receives Distinguished Alumnus Award (DAA) of the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
October 25, 2017

Eric Stach Elected Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS)
October 21, 2017

Dean Vijay Kumar is featured in Philly's "5 'whoa' moments from 1776 Challenge Cup Philly"
October 13, 2017

Evan Weinstein, junior in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, is featured in Makezine's "Edible Innovations: Engineering a 3D Printer to Extrude Chocolate"
October 13, 2017

Megan Ryerson is featured in the Los Angeles Times' "Book the next rocket to New York? What it'll take to realize Elon Musk's bizarre travel plan"
October 4, 2017

Michael Kearns is featured in AXIOS' "The most valuable data tech companies collect about you"
September 26, 2017

Cynthia Sung is featured in IEEE Spectrum's "Video Friday: Agility Robotics, Pancake Robots, and Metallica's Drone Show"
September 26, 2017

Nader Engheta Named As One Photonics Media's "Beacons of Photonics"
September 21, 2017

Matt Blaze is featured in's "Equifax and cybersecurity; PA budget"
September 21, 2017

Dave Meaney Elected To BMES Class of 2017 Fellows
September 20, 2017

PennApps Sponsor Blackrock's Chief Engineer discusses his favorite three projects in blog, "3 'Hacks' That Could Change the World"
September 20, 2017

Three Engineers Receive 2017 University Awards for Distinguished Teaching
September 15, 2017

Danielle Bassett is featured in Science News' "Learning takes brain acrobatics"
September 6, 2017

Four Penn Engineers Receive 2017 NSF CAREER Awards
September 1, 2017

Dan Huh is featured in The Scientist's "Organs on Chips"
August 8, 2017

Penn Electric Racing is featured in CBS 3's "UPenn Engineering Students Building Top Electric Vehicles"
August 8, 2017

Matt Blaze is quoted in KQED's "Self-Driving Cars Will Compel Changes on California Roads"
August 8, 2017

Matt Blaze is quoted in Vice's "At DEF CON, I Watched Hackers Take Voting Machines Apart"
July 28, 2017

Andrew Tsourkas is featured in's "Cancer survivor becomes a cancer fighter at a Philly start-up"
July 28, 2017

Dean Vijay Kumar is featured in BizJournal's "Philadelphia's aging infrastructure needs work. The first Comcast-Pennovation Challenge winner can help."
July 26, 2017

Insup Lee is featured in's "A better approach to disease prediction through big data analytics"
July 18, 2017

Benjamin Pierce is featured in the Wall Street Journal's "Apple Expands Bet on Cutting Edge Privacy Technology"
July 11, 2017

Matt Blaze is featured in Fox 19's "Philadelphia police used a 'Google Maps' SUV to read license plates"
July 10, 2017

Johnathan Smith is featured in The Register's "Why, Robot? Understanding AI ethics"
July 4, 2017

Dean Vijay Kumar is featured in Fast Company's "The Rise Of The Robots: What The Future Holds For The World's Armies"
June 12, 2017

Research from Vijay Kumar's Lab is featured in Mashable's "Watch a swarm of drones fly in sync with each other as they fall into formation"
June 12, 2017

Matt Blaze is featured in Reuters' "U.S. spy agencies probe another flank in Russian hacking"
June 7, 2017

Susan Margulies is quoted in's "NeuroVive to continue NeuroSTAT clinical development"
June 6, 2017

Aaron Roth is quoted in ZDNet's "Apple reveals HomePod, a privacy-focused smart assistant"
June 6, 2017

Josh Doman and Victor Chien are featured in the DP's "Newly updated, PennMobile now lets you track your laundry, check dining hours and book GSRs"
May 30, 2017

Dave Meaney is featured in's "Microsoft co-founder gives Penn $9.25M grant to study concussions"
May 23, 2017

Undergraduate Christopher Kao is featured in NBC10 Philadelphia's "College Student Uses Drone to Show Off Comcast Technology Center"
May 22, 2017

Dean Vijay Kumar is featured in Philly's "In 2016, Penn had its biggest year ever for patents. Here are some of its faculty inventors"
May 19, 2017

Chenfanfu Jiang is featured in PC Gamer's "Researchers crack the code for simulating mud in computer graphics"
May 17, 2017

Dean Vijay Kumar authors op-ed, "Philly is robotics hub of the East Coast"
May 15, 2017

Ritesh Agarwal is featured in Newsweek's "Holographic Messages: Sci-Fi Staple Edges Closer To Reality With Multi-Layered Holograms"
May 12, 2017

Dean Vijay Kumar is quoted in US News and World Report's "New MOOC-Based Online Programs Take Aim at Career Prep"
May 10, 2017

MEAM Senior Design Project "Ember" is profiled in's "This Penn student invention saves energy, could help refugees"
May 4. 2017

Kostas Daniildis is featured in Robots Podcast "Geometric Methods in Computer Vision"
May 2, 2017

Penn Engineering alums Hadley Harris, Nihal Mehta, Vic Singh and Tim Young are featured in TechCrunch's "Eniac Ventures closes $100 million fund"
April 25, 2017

Pat Harker's Technology, Business and Government lecture featured in Bloomberg BNA's "Digital Currency No Threat to Dollars, Fed's Harker Says"
April 4, 2017

FemmeHacks is celebrated in Philly's "This all-women hackathon is gunning for total inclusivity"
March 16,2017

Vidur Bhatnagar, MSE in Roboctics student, is featured in Philly's "Keriton wins big at #SXSW"
March 14, 2017

Robert Carpick is featured in Business Insider's "A phenomenon is helping scientists predict where earthquakes will strike"
March 13, 2017

Matt Blaze is featured in Popular Science's "WikiLeaks's CIA hacking trove doesn't live up to the hype"
March 9, 2017

Minitaur is featured in Fast Company's "No Terrain is Too Tricky for This Cute (and Horrifying) Four-Legged Robot
March 6, 2017

Cynthia Sung is honored in ASME News' "Six ASME Nominees Named for the 2017 New Faces of Engineering Program"
February 27, 2017

"Penn Apps X competitors spotlighted in Philly's "Did 3 Penn freshmen build the future of vision at PennApps X?"
February 20, 2017

Rajat Bhageria, graduate student in Robotics, is profiled in's " ThirdEye, a Start-up by Penn Students to Help the Visually Impaired, Is Sold"
February 20, 2017

Penn Engineering overseer John Lehman is featured in the Maritime Journal's "Reagan's Secretary of the Navy: How To Build a Fleet"
February 9, 2017

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