Joseph Devietti Receives Intel Early Career Faculty Honor Program Award

Joseph Devietti, assistant professor in the Department of Computer and Information Science (CIS), is a recipient of the 2013 Intel Early Career Faculty Honor Program Award for his proposal, "Programmability challenges raised by multicore architectures." This program is in its second year of operation and was created to identify and reward the top early career faculty at select universities around the world. The applicants for this program are typically within 4-5 years of starting their academic positions and they are selected for being thought leaders in their respective areas of research with fresh ideas and thinking.

Devietti works on identifying new safety properties for parallel programs, precisely defining their guarantees and exploring efficient implementations that employ a range of hardware and software mechanisms. A recent project shows how to automatically and precisely identify concurrency bugs in parallel programs. He has also done work demonstrating how to simplify parallel programming by automatically eliminating the nondeterminism that arises from current multicore architectures and programming models. With nondeterminism removed, parallel programs behave like conventional non-parallel programs that are much easier to write, debug and understand. Devietti is also co-director of the CIS Architecture and Compilers Group (ACG), which explores a wide range of topics in architectures, compilers, and their intersection.

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