Postdoctoral Fellows

Professional Development: Talking About Your Research

December 16 - Dr. Joseph Barber, Associate Director at Career Services

From podiums to parties, lecture halls to lunches, and seminars to social events, there are many situations where you will find yourself talking about your research. In formal presentations, you need to be able express your research and findings clearly and concisely, but in most other situations you won’t have fancy slides, images, or graphs to support what you are saying. In these informal (but just as important) situations, the story behind your research needs to just as obvious as any statistical significance. Why are you doing it? Why is it important? What keeps you interested in and energized by your work? What challenges have you encountered along the way? What questions will you explore next?  Your research needs to make sense to people within and outside of your field, and should always be talked about in a way that makes it accessible and interesting to everyone. This workshop will explore some different approaches to talking about your research, beyond the mechanics of having easy-to-read slides and visually pleasing graphs and figures, to help you captivate people’s interest in the research you have done, and all of the great research you hope to do next.

Time: 4:00 - 5:00 (reception/social to follow)
Raisler Lounge (Towne 225)

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