Student Profile

Oluseye Carrena

Systems Engineering MSE

Before coming to Penn I was fortunate to work in industry for two years and it became apparent to me from my interactions that the most effective engineers are not ‘one trick ponies’, but instead have vast skills that cut across various disciplines. Such engineers have a holistic view during project design and implementation and can make informed decisions that mold seemingly disparate elements into one cohesive system. Penn’s Systems Engineering MSE Program offers gives you the flexibility to explore your interests across the different engineering departments and schools; coupled with a world class faculty and an eclectic mix of peers, the opportunities for innovation are limitless.

More than 250 years ago, Benjamin Franklin, founder of the University of Pennsylvania, envisioned an academic institution where classical learning would be united with a sound practical education in the arts and sciences. In Ben's own words, students ought to receive everything that is practical and everything that is ornamental. Today Penn, the oldest university in the nation, is fulfilling that vision by preparing students for a technological world, a world where leadership goes to those who have learned how to combine the practical and the ornamental.

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