Master’s Degree Tuition - Fall 2014 and Spring 2015

Please be aware that tuition and fees are posted as a guide and are subject to change. For students interested in Ph.D. information, please visit our Fellowships page.

The University of Pennsylvania counts each course as one course unit (cu) instead of 3 course hours. The tuition rate for master degree candidates is charged per the number of courses registered. A minimum of three course units is required for full-time status; the maximum number of courses allowed per semester is four. Additional courses may be requested by petition for action submitted to your department for approval; overall GPA will be considered. International students must register for at least three course units each fall and spring semester.

1 Course Unit = $6,015 ($5,598 Tuition + $324 General Fee + $93 Technology Fee)
2 Course Units = $12,030 ($5,598 Tuition x 2 + $648 General Fee + $186 Technology Fee)
3 Course Units = $18,462 ($5,598 Tuition x 3 + $1,296 General Fee + $372 Technology Fee)
4 Course Units = $23,844 ($5,598 Tuition x 5 + $1,296 General Fee + $372 Technology Fee)

General Fee

The general fee is a partial contribution towards the support of the Placement Service, Graduate Student Activities, Recreational Activities, the physical development of the University, and other services not directly associated with specific courses. The maximum that will be charged each semester is $1,296.

Technology Fee

The technology fee helps to underwrite the various computer resources for the School of Engineering including computer labs, provided software, web-based email, and other related costs. The maximum that will be charged each semester is $372. The rate you will be charged is based on the total number of course units you take per semester.

Please visit the Student Financial Services website for information on payment methods and schedules.

Estimated Master’s Student Budget

Costs for books/supplies, room/board/food, and miscellaneous expenses will vary from student to student. This information is offered as an estimate only.

For a Master’s degree student taking 6 courses over the academic year (3 courses in Fall and 3 courses in Spring), the overall expense may look like this:

Tuition/Fees $36,924 (6 x 5,598)+2,592+744)
Room/Board $16,310
Books/Supplies $1,980
TOTAL $61,839

Funding Your Master’s Degree

We understand that a Master’s degree is a significant financial endeavor. That being said, here are some resources you may find helpful. Penn Engineering generally does not provide financial assistance for Master’s level students.

Student Financial Services

Potential Funding Sources

Student Employment Office


Students are welcome to seek out part- or full-time employment while studying. Part time employees can use their earnings towards their tuition and/or expenses. Full-time employees receive a tuition benefit that significantly helps with tuition.

Research and Teaching Assistantships

We do not offer assistantships as a means of funding Master’s degrees. However, some departments may have TA positions available and students may try to find part time positions in the many labs on campus.