Master’s Programs

Materials Science and Engineering


The master's program in Materials Science and Engineering prepares students to be leaders, innovators, and visionaries in the materials revolution that is being driven by discoveries that cross the boundaries of physics, chemistry, and biology, such as in the growing field of nanobioscience.

Penn is one of the first universities to establish a center for materials research. By remaining at the forefront of technology innovations, this center, the Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter (LRSM), has grown to be one of the largest in the nation. We are opening up new fields in materials science, preparing tomorrow's leaders, and putting our knowledge to practical use in today's high-tech society.

Our multidisciplinary program allows you to tailor your education to your own professional and career goals, from ceramics, polymers, and metals to nonstructured and soft materials.

Our graduates can be found in positions in industries that range from electronics, manufacturing, and communications to transportation and energy, or pursuing doctoral degrees at Penn and other top-ranked research universities.