Penn Engineering Office of Human Resources: New Staff Orientation

New staff members need to be properly oriented to the University and the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS). The following information will be useful in assisting SEAS managers with this important responsibility.

Within two weeks of starting the job, the new staff member should receive a benefits enrollment packet from the Penn Benefits Center. If the new staff member does not receive the packet within two weeks of starting, he/she should contact the Penn Benefits Center at 1-888-PENNBEN (1-888-736-6236). Healthcare coverage is effective the first day of the month following the staff member's date of hire. The staff member has 30 days from the date their benefits become effective to enroll.

The University regularly offers a formal New Staff Orientation conducted by the Learning and Education department within the Division of Human Resources. New Staff Orientation is designed to provide new staff members with important information about working at Penn. Newly hired staff members will be automatically pre-registered for New Staff Orientation and will receive notification of that registration date at their home address. If notification of registration is not received within two months of hire date, please contact or call 215.898-3400.

On the new staff member's first day on the job, his/her supervisor should schedule a meeting to:

  • Provide an overview of the department.
  • Review the Position Information Questionnaire (Summary and Duties) or position description in detail and give the new staff member a copy.
  • Review list of Work-Related Policies/ Guidelines
  • Discuss appropriate dress code.
  • Introduce the new staff member to the department and school staff.
  • Arrange for the new staff member to obtain a PennCard.
  • Obtain a PennKey and password, which is required to enable access to a number of electronic services at the University. A setup code is usually provided when obtaining a PennCard, but if not provided, a code can also be obtained at the CETS office in 162 Levine Hall.
  • Have the staff member create their email account online once they have obtained their PennKey.
  • Contact CETS if any of the following are needed (include the staff member's username and full name in the request, but DO NOT provide password information.):
    • Computer/Workstation
    • Electronic folders/shared directories
    • Filemaker software
    • Meeting Maker software
    • Thunderbird email software
    • Mailman mailing lists they will manage
  • Add the staff member added to the seas-staff mailing list by contacting the Dean's office (215-898-9475)
  • Arrange to have telephone services updated for the new staff member. Be sure to delete old numbers/voice mail associated with the phone or office.
  • Arrange for necessary room keys.
  • Use this opportunity to remove the previous employee'ss accounts and access to services, if not done already.
  • Schedule a Penn Engineering orientation meeting with Bernadette Foster, Penn Engineering Director of Human Resources, by calling extension 3-5640 or e-mailing