Research and Academic Services (RAS)

The Research and Academic Services (RAS) is located in 111 Towne Building. Office hours are from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. To contact the office, call the reception desk at 215-898-7246.

RAS Contacts:

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Kathleen Stebe Deputy Dean for Research and Innovation  
Sue Ann Bidstrup Allen Associate Dean for Educational Initiatives and Assessment  
Russell Composto Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education  
Kostas Daniilidis Associate Dean for Doctoral Education and Director for Online Education 215-898-8549
Jan Van der Spiegel Associate Dean for Professional Programs and Director for Advising 215-898-2769
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Melissa Adams Receptionist/Administrative Assistant 215-898-7246

Cynthia Buoni

Associate Director for Student and Administrative Services 215-898-9650
Ellen Eckert Associate Director for Undergraduate Admissions and Advising 215-898-4813
Ocek Eke Director for Global and Local Service Learning Programs 215-573-8266
S. Sonya Gwak Director of Student Life 215-573-8369
Betty Gentner Coordinator for Academic Affairs 215-898-3143
James McGonigle

Assistant Director, Office of the Deputy Dean for Research and Innovation

Nadira Williams Assistant Director for Special Programs
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Graduate Admissions:

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S. Sonya Gwak Director of Graduate Admissions 215-573-8369
William Fenton Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions 215-573-8724
Sherry Ferraiolo Administrative Coordinator 215-898-4542
Abby Whittington Administrative Coordinator 215-898-4542
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Inter-Departmental Programs:

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Engineering Entrepreneurship Program
Tom Cassel, Director and Professor of Practice, MEAM
Office Location: 306 Towne Building
Jeffrey Babin, Associate Director and Associate Professor of Practice
Office Location: 310 Towne
Phone: 215-573-9016; 215-573-0731
Website | Contact Information
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Advancing Women in Engineering
Michaile Rainey, Director
Office Location: 310 Levine Hall
Phone: 215-573-6487
Website | Contact Information
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Technical Communication Resources Website
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Special Programs:

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Summer Mentorship Program (SMP)/

UNITE Robotics Leadership (UNITE)
Dan Ueda

Phone: 215-746-8126
Website | Contact Information
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Girls in Engineering, Math, and Science (GEMS)
Michaile Rainey, Program Director
Phone: 215-573-6487
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