Dual Degrees and Special Programs

You may combine your BAS or BSE degree with a second degree in one of Penn's other undergraduate schools. A Dual Degree is not to be confused with a "Dual Major," where a student earns two majors within Penn Engineering, or with a "Second Major" where an engineering student also earns a major within the College.

Penn's specialized dual degree programs offer students the opportunity to pursue an integrated curriculum jointly offered by two schools within the university and incorporating interdisciplinary course work. Students receive two degrees upon completion of the specialized curricula. Penn Engineering's programs are described below.

The number of course units required is specific to each program, but the minimum requirement is 46 course units. A student who wishes to pursue a dual degree option should develop a plan of study with the aid of an advisor in the Academic Programs Office and an advisor in the School which will grant the second degree. No course may be triple counted, i.e., counted for more than two degrees/majors. Dual and joint degree programs between Wharton and Penn Engineering require a one-year probability and statistics sequence which may be satisfied with either ESE 301/302 or STAT 430/431. (SEAS students are not permitted to take STAT 101 which is on the No Credit list.)

Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology
Bridge the management and technical disciplines in this pace-setting program. Receive a BSE or BAS from Penn Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Wharton School. This combination enables students not only to understand engineering and business concepts, but also to understand the integration of the two and how this intersection distinctively shapes our world. Management & Technology (M&T) students build on the strengths of these prominent professional schools and on the respected faculty of Arts and Sciences to have a true Ivy League experience with a blend of educational and research opportunities. (Read more…)

Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research (VIPER)
The Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research (VIPER) enrolls talented, prepared and motivated students who are interested in energy science and engineering. VIPER students earn both a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) degree and receive instruction and state-of-the-art research experiences, enabling them to pursue advanced degrees in these fields and to establish high caliber research careers as innovators in the discovery and development of sustainable ways to harness, convert and use energy. Candidates for the program apply as they seek admission to the University. (Read more...)

Computer and Cognitive Science
Combine studies in computer science and engineering with linguistics, mathematics, philosophy or psychology, and receive a BSE or BAS degree from Penn Engineering and Bachelor of Arts from the College of Arts and Sciences. Requirements for the program are guided by the degree sought (BAS or BSE), and include 12-16 course units in Linguistics, Mathematics, Philosophy or Psychology and 4 course units in a Foreign Language.

Applying For a Dual Degree

Application for dual degree status will not be considered until a minimum of eight (8) course units have been completed at the University. When applying, a Penn Engineering student should bring the following to the Academic Programs Office: a completed dual degree application (available in 111 Towne) a completed course planning guide (CPG) with the appropriate signatures, and a completed worksheet in Penn InTouch from the appropriate secondary school. Application must be made prior to the end of the junior year (prior to the end of the sixth semester) at Penn, except for dual degree applications to Wharton, which must be made prior to the end of the sophomore year (prior to the end of the fourth semester) at Penn. Students applying for dual degree with Wharton must also submit the Wharton application.

These application materials will be considered together with the student's official transcript. If approved, the material is forwarded to the second school for their consideration. Only students of demonstrated ability and a 3.0 cumulative grade point average or higher will be considered for dual degree status.   In particular, dual and joint degrees with the Wharton School require a minimum GPA of 3.4 for consideration. A student may not transfer into Penn Engineering if his/her record includes uncleared F, I, GR or NR grades. In particular, we look for successful completion of calculus (typically, at least MATH 114) and physics (typically, PHYS 150/151).

Application Deadlines:

  • Fall entry: May 15
  • Spring entry: December 15

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If you have additional questions, please email ddtransfer@seas.upenn.edu.