Bachelor of Science in Engineering

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Bachelor of Applied Science

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Additional Options

Dual Degrees and Special Programs: You may combine your BAS or BSE degree with a second degree in one of Penn's other undergraduate schools. A Dual Degree is not to be confused with a "dual major" (see below) where a student earns two degrees within Penn Engineering. Learn more.

Dual Majors within Penn Engineering: A student who is interested in two engineering majors   may be permitted to expand his/her program in order to earn a degree in both majors. In such cases, the student must satisfy the degree requirements for both BSE curricula. (BAS students are not permitted to dual major within engineering.) To achieve dual engineering major status, a student must prepare Course Planning Guides at Penn InTouch for the two curricula showing how the requirements for each will be satisfied. Learn more.

Second Major in the College of Arts and Sciences: Some SEAS students may wish to consider a second major in the College of Arts and Sciences as an alternative to a dual degree. All College majors are open to engineering students (both BSE and BAS) as a second major. It is important to note that this program results in a single degree (from SEAS) with two majors, one in SEAS and one in SAS. Students interested in pursuing a second major in the College should contact directly the Department that offers the major.