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Student Activities

Learn about ways to get involved in student clubs and organizations in Penn Engineering. You can also see the variety of student activities for the past academic year on SEAS Weekly Online.

Advancing Women in Engineering (AWE) Program

Started in Fall of 2007, the Advancing Women in Engineering (AWE) program is dedicated to recruiting, retaining, and promoting women in Penn Engineering. Through our programs and events we hope to increase the number of women interested in studying engineering,
enhance the overall academic experience of female students, and create social and networking opportunities for women in engineering. Have an idea, or a question about AWE? Contact Michele Grab, AWE Director, at or 215-573-6487. For more information see the AWE website at

Technical Communication Program (TCP) Program

The Technical Communication Program (TCP) is a SEAS program created to support students with their technical writing and oral presentation skills. This support is available from Technical Communication Fellows, who are trained to help fellow students revise papers or practice oral presentations. To set up an appointment to work with a Fellow, contact Mary Westervelt, TCP Director, at For more information, see the TCP website:

Engineering Library

The Engineering Library is located on the second floor of Towne. The library offers a variety of services and workshops that are specifically geared towards helping engineering students. You can learn more about the Engineering Library by visiting

Weingarten Learning Resources Center

Office of Learning Resources: Learning Resources provides professional instruction in university relevant skills such as academic reading, writing and study strategies. You can consult with a Learning Instructor on the most effective and efficient ways to study for various courses. In addition, the learning strategies and study habits that you develop as an undergraduate will continue to benefit you throughout your life.

Office of Student Disabilities Services: The University of Pennsylvania is committed to providing equal
educational opportunities for all students, including students with disabilities. The Office of Student Disabilities Services (SDS) provides comprehensive, professional services and programs for students with disabilities to ensure equal academic opportunities and participation in University-sponsored programs.

3702 Spruce Street
Philadelphia PA 19104-6027
215-573-9235 (Voice), 215-746-6320 (TDD), 215-746-6326 (Fax)

The Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center offers Penn students a variety of peer tutoring services. All Tutoring Center services are free for matriculating undergraduates. Tutorials are generally offered for the core introductory and intermediate undergraduate courses at Satellite Tutoring Centers for one-hour, one-to-one, sessions or through Private Tutoring requests for courses not offered at the Satellite Tutoring Centers. For more information, visit

Career Services

Career Services works with all Penn undergraduates, and most of the University's graduate and professional students. We help students and alumni define their career goals, and take the steps necessary to achieve them. Please explore our site, attend our programs, and most importantly, visit our office. You will find a wonderful Career Library, and outstanding counselors and other staff members who can help you.