Undergraduate Student Handbook

Mathematics Courses

The following courses can be used to fulfill the mathematics requirement.

CIS:      CIS/ENM 160 (formerly 260), CIS/ENM 261, CIS/ENM 262


ENM: All courses. Notice that you cannot take both ENM2581 and MATH241 (only one or the other); ENM 375 (due to overlap between ESE 302 and STAT431 you can take only one of these).
Mathematics: Any course(2) from MATH 104 or above (and the honor's equivalent)7, except the following(3):115, 122, 123, 130, 150, 151, 170, 172, 174, 180, 210 (5), 212, 220, 475
Philosophy: 005, 006
STAT(1): 430, 431, 432, 433


  1. STAT 430, 431 and ESE 301, 302 are equivalent sets of courses. Students who have taken any of these may not take ENM 321. Also, note that students who enterered prior to Fall 2012 may use STAT 111 as a free elective only.
  2. Students who take ENM251 cannot take MATH241 since there is a lot of overlap.
  3. Students may not receive credit for two courses at the same level where the content is similar. A number of forbidden pairs of courses are listed in the Course Register.
  4. Students who took MATH 312 prior to May, 2006 may NOT count this course as a Mathematics requirement.
  5. Freshman Seminars may not be used to fulfill the SEAS Mathematics Requirement
  6. Starting Fall 2014 Math 210 may not be used to fullfil a Math requirement.
  7. If you take an honor Math class (e.g. Math 116 instead of Math 114; or Math 260 instead of Math 240.) there is no need to petition.
  8. If your major requires you to take Math 241, you can replace it with ENM 251 wihout a petition since both are equivalent.


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