Postdoc Position

Penn Implementation of Computation group has an immediate opening for a postdoctoral fellow or staff engineer to help with the development of a clean-slate processor architecture for security. Strong candidates will have experience with low-level system software support, architecture, and microarchitecture and excellent software engineering skills. Team will be working in a close co-design process with operating system design, language design, and formal method teams, and this position will be heavily involved in the interaction. Engineering activities include assisting in developing and refining the architectural specification, developing simulators, formal modeling, benchmarking, and FPGA prototyping.

Contact: André DeHon

This is part of the DARPA CRASH program. This builds on work started in the IARPA-funded TIARA project. [Final report]

We will also be looking for graduate students to join the project, and the operating system, languages, and formal methods teams also have openings.
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