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Research Interests
Metamaterials and Transformation Optics
Nano-optics, Plasmonics, Metal Optics and various related application areas
Metatronics: Optical Nanocircuits, Nanosystems, and Nanophotonics
Graphene Metamaterials, Graphene Photonics and 'flatland' Transformation Optics
One-Way Flow of Photons and Electrons
Nanostructured Materials Modeling
Nanoscale Devices and Components
Miniaturized Antennas and Optical Nanoantennas
Electromagnetic/Photonic Band Gap Structures
Bio-Inspired/Biomimetic Sensing, Imaging, Processing, and Displaying Polarization Information
Physics and Reverse-Engineering of Polarization Vision and Information Sensing in
Bio-Inspired Polarization and Hyperspectral Imaging
Through-Wall Microwave Imaging
Fields and Waves Phenomena
Mathematics of Fractional Operators and Fractal Domains
Towne Entrance

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