Kenneth R. Foster

Biomedical Applications and Health Effects of Nonionizing Electromagnetic Fields


 Research Interests: Biomedical applications/health effects of nonionizing electromagnetic fields; impact of technology on society

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(multiple authors) COMAR Technical Information Statement:

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Recent Presentations by K. R. Foster


K. R. Foster, Thermal effects of radiofrequency energy: report of a workshop. Bioelectromagnetics Society Meeting, Seoul Korea June 2010

K. R. Foster. Malintent: (mis) application of technology for homeland security. Forum on Philosophy, Engineering and Technology, Golden CO May 2010

K. R. Foster Electromagnetic- thermal transduction, International Society For Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, Stillwater MN (Oct. 2010) invited presentation.

K. R. Foster, Murderous Microwaves – Health Effects of Mobile Telephones. Seminar at Univ. of DE 3/16/11.

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K. R. Foster and J. Moulder, Review of Current Research on Biological Effects of Wi-Fi Radiation, Health Physics Annual Meeting, Madison WI, June 2013.




IEEE Committee on Man and Radiation (COMAR)


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"For better or worse, technology has changed. Our days of innocence, when machines were solely a product of larger-than-life inventors and hardworking engineers, are gone. Increasingly, technology will be a joint effort, with its design shaped not only by engineers and executives but also psychologists, political scientists, management theorists, risk specialists, regulators and courts, and the general public. It will not be a neat system. It is probably not the best system. But, given the power and complexity of modern technology, it is likely our only choice."

R. Pool, Beyond Engineering (Oxford Univ. Press. 1997) p. 305.