My interests lie in a range of computational neuroscience applications.

Currently, I'm involved in several projects. The first project that I'm

working on is to use machine learning algorithms for HFEO (High Frequency Epileptiform Oscillations) detection in cortical dysplasia patients. HFEOs have been shown in literature to possibly serve as precursors to seizures; accurate detection could aid in epilepsy treatment. The second project is to create a 3D mapping and visualization tool for EEG (illustrated below). The goal of this project is to provide surgeons and epileptologists with better technology to localize electrodes after implantation and to provide better visualization techniques for displaying EEG features. The third project is to try to find out if higher sampling frequency EEG is able to help epileptologists identify seizures earlier or more accurately. This will help determine if new EEG systems and protocol need to start recording at higher sampling frequencies.


University of Pennsylvania, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Master of Science in Engineering, 2010

Bachelor of Science in Engineering, 2010, Magna Cum Laude

Major: Bioengineering


Bioengineering Senior Design Award – This award is given each year by the faculty of Bioengineering to the graduating seniors who have best demonstrated originality and creativity in the application of engineering principles to the solution of a biomedical problem in their senior projects.

Master’s Thesis

Benchmarking Field Systems for Seizure Detection: a CounterACT Study

Current Research Experience

Research Assistant, Bioengineering Department, University of Pennsylvania

(May 2009 – Present)

-High Frequency Oscillation (HFO) Detection and Analysis in Cortical Dysplasia Patients

oDeveloped an algorithm to detect high gamma oscillations in cortical dysplasia patients

oOptimized algorithm with a randomized evolution strategy

oCorrelating detections of these HFOs with seizure onset regions, resection regions, and neuropathology

-Does High Frequency Intracranial EEG Improve Seizure Localization?

oDeveloped a novelty seizure detection algorithm to detect seizures from high frequency EEG

oDesigned randomized and blinded dataset for an experiment to test whether higher frequency EEG data allows physicians and/or computerized algorithms to better mark and detect seizures

-Benchmarking Field Systems for EEG Collection and Analysis: CounterACT Study

oHeaded a project to collect a “gold standard” dataset of scalp EEG recordings demonstrating a range of seizure conditions typical of epileptic patients and battlefield injury

oDeveloped performance standards and evaluated several devices on seizure detection ability from the “gold standard” dataset

-3D Mapping and Visualization Tool for Clinical EEG Data

oDeveloping a software toolkit for visualizing EEG features, computations, and marked clinical events on a customized 3D map of a patient’s brain created from postoperative MRI scans

Previous Research Experience

Research Assistant, Neurology Department, University of Pennsylvania

(August 2008 – May 2009)

-Worked on a project to elucidate the mechanisms of spinal cord regeneration by studying semaphorins and their receptors during axonal regeneration in lamprey nervous system

-Sequenced three plexin proteins and conducted a phylogenic analysis to find that they were closely related to previously known A1 and A3 plexins of other species

Summer Research Assistant, Neurology Department, University of Pennsylvania

(Summer 2008)

-Designed and built the setup for a photothrombotic laser used to induce strokes in rats and developed the standard operating procedure for the process

-Reworked the image analysis program in Matlab with more accurate algorithms for blood vessel detection from speckle images and wrote new standard tools for correlation between thrombosis and vessel type

ASM Materials Camp, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

(Summer 2005)

-Performed experiments dealing with dental health materials, comparing the material properties of metals, polymers, and composites, focusing on tensile strength, effects of temperature, and effects of acidity

-Performed fracture analysis with a scanning electron microscope

Previous Work and Engineering Experience

Summer Intern - Consulting, National PingTung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

(Summer 2008)

-Optimized two database systems for companies with data management problems and modified the software for the American market

-Used Borland Delphi exclusively to design interfaces for data entry and data management

Summer Intern - Engineering, Kaz Inc., Shen Zhen, China

(Summer 2007)

-Performed “tear down” analysis for competitive cost analysis on a best-selling cooling fan

-Worked on production line during pilot run for new heater introduction

-Participated in Product Cost Take Out brainstorming sessions for heaters and cooling fans

-Performed a study on potential heaters for a future market line, detailing feasibilities for manufacturing and highlighting areas for emulation in current product line

-Facilitated and conducted meetings between the company’s US and Chinese branches

Summer Research Assistant, Starfire Systems Inc., Malta, NY

(Summer 2006, Summer 2007)

-Developed the standard infiltration procedure of Starfire advanced polymer into carbon fiber complexes

-Developed the Standard Operating Procedure for production of Starboard computer panels

-Conducted a temperature study on gel-time and cure-time of research-level ceramic slurry designed from Starfire advanced polymers

-Conducted a fracture analysis study on tensile and three-point fractures of research-level motorcycle brake rotors

-Designed and conducted experiments testing the feasibility of advanced ceramic chopped-fiber automobile brake rotors for future production

Senior Information Technology Assistant, College House Computing, University of Pennsylvania

(Fall 2006 – Spring 2008)

-Assisted university students with computer-related issues ranging from simple networking troubles to more serious problems dealing with virus infection and hardware malfunctions

US First Robotics Team, Shenendehowa High School, Clifton Park, NY

(Fall 2004 – Spring 2006)

-Assisted in the design of the award-winning ball-firing mechanism in 2006

-Assisted in the design of the off-set 6-wheeled chassis in 2005


Programming – proficient: Java, Matlab, Delphi; comprehensive: SQL, VBA

Language – proficient: English, Chinese (Mandarin); comprehensive: Spanish 

Extracurricular Activities

Daily Pennsylvanian Supplement Chair, Asian Pacific American Heritage Week

(Spring 2008 – Fall 2008)

-Designed and produced the special insert celebrating Asian American culture

Cultural Vice President, Penn Taiwanese Society, University of Pennsylvania

(Fall 2008 – Spring 2009)

-Head of all cultural activities of the student organization, including mixers, faculty panel sessions, guest speaker events, food events, and the annual culture show

Cultural Chair, Penn Taiwanese Society, University of Pennsylvania

(Fall 2007 – Spring 2008)

-Head of the spring cultural show, a display of Taiwanese culture and performing arts

Sophomore Representative, Biomedical Engineering Society, University of Pennsylvania

(Spring 2007 – Fall 2008)

-Worked on the executive board to coordinate club activities, including a research panel and faculty lunches

-Helped coordinate and facilitate the 1st annual Engineering Basketball Tournament in Spring 2007

Member, Engineers Without Borders, University of Pennsylvania

(Fall 2007 – Spring 2008)

-Designed a curriculum to spark interest in engineering for local high school students

College House Cup Liaison, Kings Court English College House, University of Pennsylvania

(Fall 2007 – Spring 2008)

-Coordinated all College House Cup and Intramural Sports activities for the House with the Residential Advisory Board

-Captain of Flag Football, Softball, and Basketball intramural teams

Literary Works

Writer, Director, Producer, and Actor for "Once Upon Taiwan"

(Spring 2009)

-An original musical written in the style of a fairy tale dealing with the business and social culture of Taiwan

-Performed in front of hundreds of audience members and semi-professionally produced into DVDs that have been marketed and sold campus-wide

Writer, Director, Producer, and Actor for "Not Another Asian Drama"

(Spring 2008)

- An original dramatic comedy detailing the first visit of an American-born Chinese college student to his native homeland in Taiwan

-Performed in front of hundreds of audience members and semi-professionally produced into DVDs that have been marketed and sold campus-wide

Ed (Horng-An) Nieh, MSBE