Second Workshop on Swarming in Natural and Engineered Systems
Philadelphia, PA
May 16-17, 2007

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The list includes the following confirmed participants. 

Balch, Tucker
Georgia Institute of Technology
Mesbahi, Mehran University of Washington
Bullo, Francesco
University of California, Santa Barbara
Morgansen, Kristi
University of Washington
Bertozzi, Andrea University of California, Los Angeles Pappas, George
University of Pennsylvania
Cortes, Jorge
University of California, Santa Cruz
Parrish, Julia
University of Washington
Couzin, Iain
Oxford University, Princeton University
Pratt, Stephen
Arizona State University
Deneubourg, Jean Louis Université Libre de Bruxelles Romey, Bill
State University of New York, Potsdam
Frazzoli, Emilio
University of California, Los Angeles
Rubin , Harvey
University of Pennsylvania
Grunbaum, Daniel
University of Washington
Rus, Daniela
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jadbabaie, Ali
University of Pennsylvania
Sastry, S. Shankar
University of California, Berkeley
Koditschek, Daniel E.
University of Pennsylvania
Shamma, Jeff
University of California, Los Angeles
Krishnaprasad, P.S.
University of Maryland
Skelly, David
Yale University
Kumar, Vijay
University of Pennsylvania
Sontag, Eduardo
Rutgers University
Levin, Simon Princeton University Vabo, Rune
Institute of Marine Research, Norway
Lynch, Kevin
Northwestern University
Wilson, David
Binghamton University


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