Date: Thu, 8 Mar 90 11:40:21 EST

                              CALL FOR PAPERS 
              Third International Conference on Database Theory 

ICDT is the third in a series of biannual conferences on the theory of 
databases held in beautiful European cities,  Rome in 1986,  Bruges in 
1988 and now Paris in 1990.

TOPICS: We solicit papers describing original ideas and new results on 
the  foundations of  databases,  knowledge bases  and  object-oriented
databases. We suggest the following, although not exclusive, areas:
   data models, data structures, complex objects, 
   logic and databases, deductive databases, knowledge representation, 
   object-oriented databases, database programming languages,
   queries (languages, optimization...), incomplete information,
   dependency theory, consistency, logical database design,
   dynamic aspects (updates, temporal databases, schema evolution...),
   transaction management (concurrency control, recovery...),
   performance, physical database design, storage management, 
   database machines, distributed systems, database security,
   user interfaces, database applications (spatial, statistical...).

INSTRUCTIONS: authors are invited to submit seven copies of an extended 
abstract  (no longer that fifteen double-spaced pages)  before April 2, 
1990, to one of the program chairmen: 

  Serge Abiteboul - ICDT'90         Paris Kanellakis - ICDT'90 
  INRIA                             Brown University 
  Domaine de Voluceau-Rocquencourt  Computer Science Dept., PO Box 1910 
  78153 Le Chesnay Cedex - France   Providence, RI 02912 - USA 
  Tel: 33/             Tel: 1/401.863.76.47 
  Email: abitebou@inria.inria.fr    Email: pck@cs.brown.edu

The selection  will be  based  on originality  and  contribution  to the 
field. The proceedings of ICDT are traditionally published by  Springer-

  S. Abiteboul (France)   P. Atzeni (Italy)       C. Beeri (Israel)      
  N. Bidoit (France)      S. Cosmadakis (USA)     R. Hull (USA)       
  T. Imielinski (USA)     P. Kanellakis (USA)     C. Lecluse (France)  
  M. Nivat (France)       J. Paredaens (Belgium)  H. Schek (Switzerland)  
  J. Schmidt (Germany)    M. Vardi (USA)          V. Vianu (USA) 

LOCAL ORGANIZATION: Myriam Chazal, Sylviane Gosset, Michel Scholl 


    Deadline for submission:                   April 2, 1990 
    Notification of acceptance or rejection:   July 7, 1990  
    Final paper due:                           August 15, 1990 
    Conference:                                December 12-14, 1990

INFORMATION: Myriam Chazal, INRIA, Service des Relations Exterieures, 
    Domaine de Voluceau-Rocquencourt, 78153 Le Chesnay Cedex, France. 
    Tel: 33/ Telex: 697 033 F.