Category Theory Bulletin Board

Date:        Tue, 13 Mar 90 11:50:21 AST

Dear Colleague:

This letter is to announce the availability of a Bulletin Board for Category
Theory on NETNORTH. The address is `CATEGORIES@MTA.BITNET'.

The intention is to operate in a manner similar to the Types Bulletin Board.
To join the mailing list, simply send a message to:


After confirmation of two-way transmission your name will be added to the list.
Please provide a very complete return address. To distinguish messages for
forwarding from others of an administrative nature, please mail to Categories
ONLY messages which are intended to be forwarded. All other messages should be
sent to  categories-request@mta.bitnet, or to me ( rrosebrugh@mta.bitnet )

Anyone may submit (electronically only) any material about Category Theory (and
only about Category Theory) for distribution - abstracts, announcements of
results or meetings, queries, or full papers. Material will be forwarded as
received unless there is evidence that the message received is garbled. The
initial committment is that turn-around times will not exceed a couple of days.

TeX files are welcome in any flavour - plain, AmSTeX or LaTeX. They should
include a Character Code Reference which is available on request.
Unfortunately, until we see how well this works, there can be no committment to
either authors or subscribers regarding accuracy of TeX files transmitted. TeX
preprints will be archived separately, and a catalogue of them will be
published irregularly. Macro packages are the responsibility of the author,
however an attempt will be made to archive versions of diagram macro packages.

I gratefully acknowledge assistance from David Jones at Types who suggested
some of the procedures to be used. Electronic addresses to which this is being
sent are taken from lists provided by Mike Barr and Max Kelly, and I thank
them (and Mike Johnson who transmitted Max's list.) Thanks also to the category
theorists who made suggestions before this announcement.

Those seem to be the main points. Looking forward to a useful exchange,

Yours truly,

Bob Rosebrugh