Workshop: Structuring Disciplines for Logic Programming

Date: Sat, 31 Mar 90 14:46:52 EST

                         CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

			     Workshop on

			       ICLP '90
			  14 or 15 June 1990
			    Eilat, Israel

There are now many different proposals addressing how logic program
code and data might be structured into various kinds of abstractions.
Some proposals are centered around concepts like blocks, modules, or
units; some proposals use processes to provide abstractions; several
proposals are based on object-oriented concepts for encapsulation of
state and inheritance.  There is certainly not a consensus about which
proposal is best, and it appears naive to assume that one method will
serve all purposes equally well.  This workshop is intended to bring
together researchers who have been investigating structuring
disciplines for logic programming so that these various proposals can
be compared and discussed.  In particular, it is hoped that
presentations will focus on the rationale and analysis of structuring

If you are interested in presenting an abstract at this workshop,
please send a one page abstract to Dale Miller (workshop coordinator)
at the addresses below by 14 May.  The final selection of abstracts
and the schedule will be made available by 18 May.  The length of this
workshop is dependent on the number of proposals submitted but is
expected to be one day.  Attendance is open to those registered for
the Seventh International Conference on Logic Programming in
Jerusalem, Israel, 18-22 June 1990.

When sending your one page abstract, please include (if available)
your postal and electronic addresses as well as telephone and FAX
numbers.  Presentations at the workshop will probably be limited to 30

Send submission to:
	Dale Miller
	Computer and Information Science
	University of Pennsylvania
	Philadelphia, PA 19104-6389 USA
 Phone: 215-898-1593
 FAX:   215-898-0587
e-mail: dale@cis.upenn.edu (text, TeX, LaTeX submissions welcomed)