Workshop on Linear Logic, Petri Nets, etc.

Date: Mon, 2 Apr 90 18:08:30 BST

         Workshop on Linear Logic, Dialectica Categories, 
                Petri Nets, and related topics  

                 27 - 29 April 1990, Edinburgh

With the support of the SERC Logic for IT Intiative the Laboratory
for Foundations of Computer Science is please to announce a workshop
on Dialectica categories, Petri nets, linear logic, and related
topics.  The meeting is to be held at the University of Edinburgh on
the weekend of Friday 27th -- Sunday 29th April, starting over lunch
on Friday and ending after lunch on Sunday. There will be no meeting
fee, but attendees will be responsible for their own accommodation
charges and evening meals.

	Over recent years, there has been and there continues to be
substantial work on Linear Logic and its models, in particular
quantales, Petri nets, and Dialectica categories. A considerable
amount of this work has been done in the immediate vicinity of the
North Sea. However, much of it has not been published, and some of it
has not even been communicated widely yet.  So we seek to bring
together the workers in the field so that we may all gain a more
complete understanding of the current progress in these and related
topics. The unifying theme of this could perhaps best be described as
Linear Logic and Concurrency.

	If you are interested in attending, could you please complete
the form below and return it by 21st April. If you request
accommodation, we can then send you details about a week before the
workshop.  Even if you do not want to commit formally to attendance at
the moment please inform us of your possible interest in the meeting
so we can send you a fuller announcement. 

George Cleland  Mike Fourman  John Power


Return to George Cleland, LFCS, Dept of Computer Science, King's Buildings,
Edinburgh, Scotland, EH9 3JZ. (Email glc@lfcs.ed.ac.uk)


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I wish to attend the workshop and request accommodation as detailed below.  
I realise that I will have to  settle bills directly with the establishment
and will notify them of any non-appearance.

Please book me into: 

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