CTRS '90 announcement

                           (CTRS '90)

                       SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT 
        (Information on accomodation, registration, etc.
         Detailed program will be announced shortly.)

               June 11-14, 1990, Montreal, Canada

                           Sponsored by
           Centre de recherche informatique de Montreal
                      Concordia University

In recent years, extensions of rewriting techniques that go
beyond the traditional untyped algebraic rewriting framework have
been investigated and developed.  Among these extensions,
conditional and typed systems are particularly important, as are
higher-order systems, graph rewriting systems, etc. 

To further research in these and related areas, the Second
International Workshop will be held this summer.  Topics will
include the theory of conditional rewriting and its application
to programming languages,  specification languages, automated
deduction, as well as typed rewriting, higher-order rewriting,
graph rewriting, combinator based languages, and their
application to parallel architectures, parallel computation
models, and compilation techniques.  (This list is not meant to
be exhaustive.)  Sessions for formal presentations of papers, for
system demonstrations, and for informal discussion are scheduled.
Speakers for keynote lectures to initiate discussion sessions include
V. Breazu-Tannen & J. Gallier, H. Ganzinger, J. Hsiang, J. W. Klop, 
J. Meseguer, A. R. Meyer, and J. L. Remy.

Program Committee:

R. V. Book               (University of California - Santa Barbara, USA)
N. Dershowitz (*)        (University of Illinois, USA)
K. Futatsugi             (Electrotechnical Lab (ETL), Japan)
H. Ganzinger             (Universitaet Dortmund, West Germany)
J. P. Jouannaud (*)      (Universite de Paris-Sud, France)
S. Kaplan (*)            (Hebrew University, Israel)
J. W. Klop               (Mathematisch Centrum, Netherlands)
J. Meseguer              (SRI-International, USA)
M. Okada (*)(**)         (Concordia University, Canada)
D. Plaisted              (University of North Carolina, USA)
J. L. Remy               (Universite de Nancy, France)

(*)  Co-organizers
(**) Chairperson


June 11-14, 1990, beginning at 9:30 A.M. on June 11.


Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The CTRS Workshop will take place at the downtown Sir George
Williams campus of Concordia University, in the Hall Building at
1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West.  Most events will take place in
the Faculty Club on the 7th floor; some others will take place 
in the Department of Computer Science on the 9th floor.


Montreal is served by two airports:  Dorval (for flights
originating in Canada or the USA), and Mirabel (for other
international flights).  At each airport, there is an "Aerocar"
service bringing passengers to the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in 
downtown Montreal.  On the afternoon and evening of June 10, and 
on the morning of June 11, there will be a limousine service from 
the Queen Elizabeth Hotel to the places where accomodation has 
been arranged for the Workshop.

Amtrack, the US passenger rail service, has two daily trains (one
during the day; the other at night) to Montreal from New York
City.  The trip takes about ten hours, and costs about US $79 for
a round trip ticket.  It is possible to connect with these trains
>from Philadelphia, or other eastern US cities.


(1) Dormitories:

Concordia University's student dormitories are located at the
suburban Loyola Campus (about 15 minutes by Concordia's school
bus from the downtown Hall Building).  Dormitory rooms may be
reserved at the following rates:

     Student rate (Bring student ID):  
                 $16/day for a single room
                 $32/day ($16 each) for a double room

     Non-student rate: 
                 $22/day for single 
                 $34/day ($17 each) for double

A deposit of 25% is required with your reservation.  A reservation form
form is provided below.

Special rates have been arranged for the hotel rooms and apartments 
listed below.  When reserving, please indicate that you are attending 
the CTRS conference at Concordia University.

(2) Hotel:

A limited number of hotel rooms have been held aside for the CTRS
Workshop at the Manoir Le Moyne Hotel, about a five minute walk
>from the Workshop location at the downtown Hall Building.

Studio (1 double bed) with kitchenette (1 or 2 people): $70/day

Deluxe (2 beds) with kitchenette (2 people):            $90/day

Executive suite (3 beds) with kitchenette (3 people):  $100/day

All rates are in Canadian dollars.  CAN $1 = (approx.) US $0.80

For reservations, call or write to 

              Hotel Manoir Le Moyne
              Reservation Office (ATTN: Ms. Anna Korn)
              2100 boul. de Maisonneuve O.
              Montreal, Quebec  H3H 1K6

        Tel.: (514) 931-8861
              (800) 361-7191 (from Canada or Eastern USA)

        Fax:  (514) 931-7726

Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis, and must be
made before the deadline of May 11, 1990.  The hotel will require
a deposit (to cover the first day) or a major credit card for 

(3) Apartment suites:

Apartment suites are available at weekly rates at Le Monfort, also
about a five minute walk from the Workshop site.

Studio apartment with one sofa-bed (1 or 2 people): $360/8 nights

One bedroom suite with one double bed (2 people):   $545/8 nights

Extra person:                                       $ 56/8 nights

All rates are in Canadian dollars.  CAN $1 = (approx.) US $0.80

For reservations, call or write to 

              Le Monfort
              Reservation Office (ATTN: Ms Gisele Gariepy)
              1975 boul. de Maisonneuve O.
              Montreal, Quebec  H3H 1K4

       Tel.:  (514) 934-0916
       Fax:   (514) 939-2552
       Telex: 055-61766

Le Monfort requires a deposit of $50 or a major credit card for

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                   CTRS 90 REGISTRATION FORM

Name: ___________________________________________

Affiliation: _________________________________

Address: ________________________________

Phone:   _______________________

E-mail:  _______________________

Expected date of arrival: ____________

Expected time of arrival: ____________

I am enclosing a bank draft or money order for (check one)

         ___  CDN $120.00 or US $100.00 (Non-students, before May 7)
         ___  CDN $ 25.00 or US $ 21.00 (Students, before May 7)
         ___  CDN $150.00 or US $125.00 (Non-students, after May 7)
         ___  CDN $ 35.00 or US $ 29.00 (Students, after May 7)

Also included in the amount of my payment is ______ as a deposit for
my dormitory reservation.  (Enclose completed dormitory reservation

If you are paying the student rate, please bring your student ID card
for presentation at the registration desk.  Note that the student rate
does not include a copy of the Workshop proceedings.

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                     DORMITORY RESERVATION
                  (Must be received by May 7)
  (Reservations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis)

(Do NOT use this form for hotel or apartment reservations.)

Name: ________________________________________

Affiliation: _________________________________

Address: ________________________________

Phone:   _______________________

E-mail:  _______________________

Rooms are available for the Workshop from the evening of June 10
until the morning of June 15.

Single room, student rate
   CDN $16.00 (US $13.50) * ____ nights =  _______
   Deposit required:
       CDN $4.00/night or
       US  $3.50/night

Single room, non-student rate
   CDN $22.00 (US $18.50) * ____ nights =  _______
   Deposit required:
       CDN $5.50/night or
       US  $4.75/night

Double room, student rate
   CDN $32.00 (US $27.00) * ____ nights =  _______
   Deposit required:
       CDN $8.00/night or
       US  $6.75/night

Double room, non-student rate
   CDN $34.00 (US $28.50) * ____ nights =  _______
   Deposit required:
       CDN $8.50/night or
       US  $7.25/night

Number of men _____        Number of women _____

Arrival date _________     Arrival time ________

Departure date _______     Departure time ______

It is not necessary to make separate payments for dormitory deposit
and registration fee.  Please include the appropriate deposit with
your bank draft or money order, along with your registration fee.
The remainder (75%) of your dormitory payment is due on arrival.

8<------------------------ CUT HERE --------------------------->8

Bank draft or money order in Canadian or US funds should be made 
payable to CTRS '90 and mailed with completed form(s) to 

               CTRS '90
               c/o Prof. M. Okada
               Department of Computer Science
               Concordia University
               1455 boul. de Maisonneuve O.
               Montreal. Quebec  H3G 1M8

               e-mail inquiries: ctrs90@concour.cs.concordia.ca