Continuations Forum


Announcing the establishment of an electronic mail forum for
researchers in the area of continuations:

SUBJECT: The theory and theoretical and practical uses of
continuations: call/cc, continuation-passing transforms,
reflective towers, continuation semantics, etc.  The forum would
be similar in spirit to the "types@theory.lcs.mit.edu" email
forum.  That is, messages to the forum might include open
problems, announcements of results, or debate of issues.

EDITORIAL POLICY: The forum will be moderated.  Hacks are
discouraged UNLESS they point to some larger issue and the author
of the note makes this clear.  I don't want to clog up the network
with "the latest way to solve the Tower of Hanoi problem using
call/cc."  On the other hand, I think it best to be liberal in the

SUBSCRIPTION: Send electronic mail to


and I will add your email address to the forum list.

-Jon Riecke
Moderator, continuations@theory.lcs.mit.edu