Proceedings on Logical Frameworks: available online

Date: Thu, 19 Jul 90 22:19:19 +0200
To: meyer@theory.lcs.mit.edu

Workshop on Logical Frameworks : Proceedings available

The Proceedings of the ESPRIT Basic Research Action ``Logical Frameworks''
First Annual Workshop, held in Sophia-Antipolis May 7-11 1990
are now freely available by anonymous ftp. 

This 500-pages volume contains 31 contributions, most of them original
research articles.

Connect by : 
ftp nuri.inria.fr

Name: ftp
Password: anonymous
cd esprit/bra/lf

You will find there a README file, a compressed postscript file book.ps.Z,
and also a book.dvi and associated special ps files screen1.ps and screen2.ps,
if you want to use your own dvips translator.

Electronically publishing yours,
Gerard Huet