Proceedings on Logical Frameworks: available online

(In response to a suggestion from Mitch Wand re Huet's announcement of

> Workshop on Logical Frameworks : Proceedings available
> The Proceedings of the ESPRIT Basic Research Action ``Logical Frameworks''
> First Annual Workshop, held in Sophia-Antipolis May 7-11 1990
> are now freely available by anonymous ftp. 
> This 500-pages volume contains 31 contributions, most of them original
> research articles.

This is also now available via anonymous ftp from theory.lcs.mit.edu
(internet address in the directory pub/lf.  Log in with
the username "anonymous."

This directory also contains a file called "contents.txt," which
contains the contents of the volume in ascii format.

Thanks are due to David Wald for his efforts in making this available.

David M. Jones
MIT Lab for Computer Science
Administrator, {types,logic,concurrency}@theory.lcs.mit.edu