commutative diagrams formatting package

Date: Tue, 14 Aug 90 13:54:01 BST
To: types@theory.lcs.mit.edu, categories@mta.bitnet
Subject: commutative diagrams

I dispatched copies of the commutative diagrams package to all those who
requested it on about 20 July. The North American distribution was handled
by an IC student currently working on the Athena project at MIT, whilst
I sent to European and other users myself.  Unfortunately, there appear
to have been problems with both dispatches.  Please, therefore, would you
contact me if you are using / want to use the package, saying * You've got it,
* you asked for it but didnt get it or * You didnt ask for it but want it.
Where several people at an institution use it (Cambridge, Cornell, Edinburgh,
Glasgow, MIT, Oxford & Stanford) it would help also if one one them could
be designated "local manager". I would also appreciate a volonteer who
is competent with TeX, Unix & email at a .edu site to handle forwarding of
future releases to N.American users. Thanks.

One person complained at being asked to acknowledge me in his published papers.
TeX & LaTeX are now standard and indispensible tools, so we should credit
Knuth & Lamport. What do you think are the pros & cons of such acknowledgement?