Special issue on Proof Theory of concurrent object-oriented programming

Special Issue of Mathematical Structures of Computer Science
(Editor-in-Chief: G. Longo)
        Proof Theory of Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming 

Guest Editors:   

  Jean-Paul Bahsoun     Jose Luiz Fiadeiro     Didier Galmiche
  IRIT-CNRS             Faculty of Sciences    CRIN-CNRS & UHP Nancy 1
  Toulouse, France      Lisboa, Portugal       Nancy, France

There exist various approaches to model concurrent programming
based-on logic. In this way, the use of logic for system development
concerns the specification step but also the study of the operational
aspects (through proof analysis and construction) of such development.
In this context, we have to consider different logical systems for
different uses of logic. 

Moreover, we can also consider concurrency from both points of
view: we want to reason and to specify systems where some concurrency
aspects are involved and also to have some operational interpretation
of concurrency into logic (focusing on the concept of proof).
It seems clear that we have to identify and to study, on the one hand,
the role and the treatment of objects (representation, inheritance,
modularity, communication, etc...) in this context, and on the other
hand, the interaction of work on proofs and concurrency with the
Object-Oriented Programming paradigm.  

An ECOOP'96 workshop on "Proof Theory of Concurrent Object-Oriented
Programming" took place in Linz, Austria, july 1996 and we can 
consider this special issue as a natural issue of it. The outcome of
the various presentations and discussions was to provide an integrated
forum for the presentation of  research and the exchange of ideas and
experiences in the topics concerned with proofs, concurrency and
object-oriented programming (specification, proof development,

We hope that in addition to submissions from workshop participants,
specialists who did not participate in the workshop will contribute to
this special issue of MSCS on the topics below.


Topics of interest, in this context, include (but are not restricted
- proof-theoretical foundations 
- formalisms and logics to model concurrent systems and objects 
- proofs and concurrency: modularity, composition, communication
  interaction and synchronization 
- role and use of objects for concurrent programming and proving 
- verification and reuse 
- implementations and case studies


Prospective contributors are invited to contact the guest editors (see
e-mail addresses below) to discuss the suitability of topics and papers.  

The submission deadline  is MAY 15, 1997

Authors are invited to send one copy of a journal-length paper in
postscript format (or a paper copy) to each of the guest editors (see
e-mail addresses below). These papers will be refereed to the usual
high standards of MSCS.


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