CFP - LMO97: Languages and Models with Objects


                           CALL FOR PAPERS



                  BREST,  OCTOBER 22, 23 and 24, 1997


LMO'97 will  take place   in Brittany,  close  to Brest.  Previous LMO
conferences were held in Grenoble, Nancy and Leysin. As usual, the LMO
conference will mainly focus on the concept of object in the fields of
software development, knowledge representation and data bases. It will
also aim to  analyse and compare the  different approaches and  future

1- Object-oriented Representation:

     Object-oriented KR models (description logics, conceptual graphs, 
     composite objects, frames, etc.); data models; semantics and
     inference mechanisms of these models (classification, inheritance,
     filtering, etc.); reification.

2- Object-oriented Programming:

    Objects and types (inheritance, sub-typing, etc.); objects and
    behaviours; object specifications; parallelism and objects;
    actors; reflexivity; etc.

3- Objets and Persistence:

    Object-oriented data base management systems; data mining;
    indexing by classification; etc.

4- Objects-Oriented Engineering:

    Object life cycle; object evolution and versioning; software security;
    analysis and design methods; formal and semi-formal
    specifications; frameworks, etc.

5- Orthogonal topics:

     Constraints and objects; rules and objects; case-based
    reasoning and objects, etc.

6- Applications:

    Objects and algorithms; objects for chemistry, music, life sciences, CAD,
    intelligent tutoring systems, telecommunications, etc.

Submissions that  establish relationships  and constructive comparison
betweeen the different object approaches are strongly encouraged.


French and  English-written   papers  are accepted.   However,  french
speakers are  strongly  invited to  submit  and speak  in french;  and
discussions and panels will be mainly in french.


* 4 April 1997 : Receipt of hard-copy and electronic submissions

* 15 June 1997 : Notification of authors about acceptance or rejection of

* 1 September 1997 : Receipt of camera-ready papers

* 22, 23 and 24 October 1997 : conference


Three types  of contributions can  be  submitted: papers, posters  and
problem presentations. They should written in french or in english for
non french speakers.

Papers, should be limited  to 5000 words (or  12 pages, A4  format, 50
lines,  12-point  times    font,    including  tables,  figures    and
references). The first  page must include  the title of the paper, the
authors' postal  and e-mail addresses, fax and  phone numbers, a short
abstract   of about 10 lines,  and  a list of  up  to 3 keywords. Each
submissions  will  be  assessed by  three  reviewers,  members of  the
program committee.

Poster should be limited to one page including the title, the authors'
postal and e-mail addresses and fax and phone numbers, and an abstract
-limited to half a page. Selection will mainly be one  on the basis of
topics  and/or application  aspects. Posters  will be  published in an
appendix of the proceedings.

Problems are dedicated to  the presentation of  well-defined technical
problems in our domain and to the emergence of fruitful discussions on
how they could be solved. To propose some solutions is not required to
submit a problem  presentation. A problem  submission is similar  to a
poster submission (one page).

Submissions must be  received before  April  4th 1997.   Authors  must
submit both a hard and an "electronic" copy.

   * Hard copies: send 4 copies at the following address:

	R. Ducournau
	LIRMM, Universite de Montpellier 2
	161 rue ADA					
   * Electronic copies:

         * by Ftp (for papers) : save a printable Postcript file at
           the following address: 
         * send by email the first page the first page of the paper,
           in text format - ascii isolatin1 - including the name of
           the postcript2 file, to: LMO97@enst-bretagne.fr.

           For posters and problem presentations, the first page by email 
           is sufficient for electronical submission.


   * by  email : LMO97@enst-bretagne.fr

   * Detailed information regarding LMO97 can be found on the World
     Wide Web: http://www-lmo97.enst-bretagne.fr

It is envisaged that, this year,  the proceedings will be published by
a french publisher. We plan to  biennially collect the english version
of the best papers and to publish it by an international publisher.


Organizing Committee: 

         Chairman: S. Garlatti, Telecom Bretagne

         Secretariat: G. Le Gall, Telecom Bretagne

         Communication: C. Dony, LIRMM-Universite Montpellier II

         Organization: P. Kuntz, Telecom Bretagne

         Tel : (33) 02 98 00 14 25
         Fax: (33) 02 98 00 10 30 
         Email: lmo97@enst-bretagne.fr
         WWW : http://www-lmo97.enst-bretagne.fr/

Program Committee:


        R. Ducournau    LIRMM                      Montpellier


        H. Ait-Kaci	Simon Fraser University    Burnaby, Canada
        P. Albert  	ILOG	                   Paris
        A. Borgida	Rutgers University	   Piscataway, USA
        J.P. Briot 	Laforia                    Paris
        B. Carre	LIFL	                   Lille
        Y. Caseau	Bouygues-ENS               Paris
        G. Castagna	LIENS-ENS                  Paris         
        M. Dao          CNET                       Paris
        Y. Dennebouy	EPFL                       Lausanne, Suisse
        J. Euzenat	INRIA Rhone-Alpes          Grenoble
        S. Garlatti	Telecom Bretagne           Brest
        R. Godin	UQaM	                   Montreal, Canada
        R. Guerraoui	EPFL	                   Lausanne, Suisse
        M. Huchard	LIRMM	                   Montpellier
        J. Malenfant	EMN	                   Nantes
        A. Napoli	CRIN	                   Nancy
        O. Nierstrasz 	Universite de Berne	   Berne, Suisse
        R. Rousseau	I3S	                   Nice
        J.C. Royer	ERIN	                   Nantes


LMO collaborates with ECOOP   (European Conference on  Object-Oriented
Programming): http://www.ecoop97.jyu.fi/