PhD-student positions

The Department of Computing Science at the Chalmers University of
Technology and Göteborgs University announces free PhD positions.

The major research topics at the department are programming logic and
type theory, functional programming, cognition technology, and
algorithms and discrete optimisation, but research is also carried out
in a number of other topics. More information about the research at
the department can be found on the WWW on page:


Most PhD positions are five year scholarships. The PhD student will
spend about 80 percent of his or her time on graduate studies, and
about 20 percent on teaching. Applicants must have an undergraduate
degree in Computer Science with excellent results. The department
tries to increase the number of female employees, and especially
welcomes female applicants. At the moment the scholarships consist of
14500 (19000) SEK per month in the first (last) year. Usually a
foreign PhD student does not teach in his or her first year in Sweden,
and as a consequence the scholarship is of a slightly smaller size.

More information about the graduate programmes can be found on the WWW
on page:


To apply, send us a letter in English, covering 

  1 data about yourself;
  2 a copy of an official paper giving grades from your undergraduate
  3 a statement about your main interests;
  4 some letters of recommendation from people that know you as a student
    or as an employee;
  5 any scientific papers you have written.

Send your application to 

  Section for Mathematics and Computer Science
  Chalmers University of Technology
  412 96 Göteborg

Furthermore, send an email containing the data about yourself to 


The last date for your application to arrive is March 3, 1997. A
decision about to whom we will offer the PhD positions will be taken
before June 1, 1997.