Book on semantics of computation


Semantics and Logics of Computation

Edited by

Andrew M Pitts
University of Cambridge


P Dybjer
Chalmers University

The aim of this volume is to present modern developments in semantics
and logics of computation in a way that is accessible to graduate
students. The book is based on a summer school at the Isaac Newton
Institute and consists of a sequence of linked lecture courses. The
authors are leaders in their fields and much of material they present
was either not previously accessible, or not accessible in such a
digestible form.

S. Abramsky, Semantics of interaction: an introduction to game

T. Coquand, Computational content of classical logic

M. Hofmann, Syntax and semantics of dependent types

M. Hyland, Game semantics

E. Moggi, Metalanguages and applications

A. Pitts, Operationally-based theories of program equivalence

G. Winskel and M. Nielsen, Categories in concurrency

ISBN 0521580579
Published by Cambridge University Press
January 1997
UKL 35.00

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