Call for contributions

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                        Call for Contributions

                        NEW TRENDS IN SEMANTICS
                   Satellite Workshop to ICALP '97

                            July 4-5, 1997
                            Bologna, Italy

The purpose of the workshop is to gather researchers in the field of
semantics of programming languages and to investigate new
developments. Special emphasis will be given to game semantics.

Contributions are invited in the form of a short abstract on topics
related to semantics of computations. We welcome contributions about
novel applications to semantics from areas such as type theory,
category theory, domain theory, logic, as well as others.

Invited speakers are
     Samson Abramsky, LFCS, Edinburgh
     Vincent Danos, Paris VII
     Andre` Joyal, Univ. de Quebec, Montreal
     Davide Sangiorgi, INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis

The next announcements will be distributed electronically only to
those who will have so requested. Please, send the appended form to

Fill in the form appended below with information about title and
abstract, and send it, preferably by e-mail, to


by May 22, 1997. A provisional programme will be drawn and distributed
on May 25, before the deadline for early registration at ICALP, trying
to include as many talks as time permits. The programme will then be
finalized by May 30 -- we intend to allow for late submissions if
slots in the programme remain available after May 25.

Organizing committee: 
     Andrea Asperti (Bologna)    asperti@cs.unibo.it
     Eugenio Moggi (Genova)      moggi@disi.unige.it
     Giuseppe Rosolini (Genova)  rosolini@disi.unige.it

Information about the workshop or about accomodation in Bologna can be
found at the URL above.

For further information, please contact G. Rosolini or Renza Morino

R. Morino                       G. Rosolini
tel: +39 (0)10 3536965          tel: +39 (0)10 3536630
fax: +39 (0)10 3536960          fax: +39 (0)10 3536699
email: morino@dima.unige.it     email: rosolini@disi.unige.it

address: DIMA, Univ. di Genova, via Dodecaneso 35, 16146 Genova, Italy

---------MAIL ASAP TO ntis@athena.disi.unige.it--------------




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