New journal: Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science

Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science

Thomson Science, the publishers of the above electronic-only journal,
have launched a computer science site which comprises three journals:
Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science; Object Oriented
Systems; Journal of Programming Languages. We thought you would be
interested in this resource centre particularly relating to Discrete
Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (DMTCS).

DMTCS is a high-standard peer-reviewed publication devoted to rapid
publication of innovative research which covers discrete mathematics
and theoretical computer science. This new online journal has emerged
to give synthesis between the two fields of discrete maths and
theoretical computer science. Although the disciplines have several
factors in common, there is no one publication which presents the
information specifically. Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical
Computer Science will provide this forum and create unity for papers
published in these fields.

The Journal started at the beginning of 1997, and papers are still
being processed, although some are available now. The Journal is
devoted to a quest for quality and immediacy. As a purely electronic
journal, it will regularly provide subscribers with new
articles. Authors' manuscripts are published as soon as they have been
accepted and are available internationally via the Internet. The
journal is devoted to a quest of quality and immediacy.

When the resource centre was first launched it was receiving
approximately 250 'hits' a day, with a total of 9,000 hits in January
1997 alone. This shows that the community is interested in what we are
offering, can you afford NOT to take a look?

The personal subscription rate is only 30 GBP/US$70 a year, an
excellent rate for such a high quality publication. Papers are
published as soon as they are ready - no waiting for an issue to be
published - and can be accessed directly from your desk.

Subscription orders can be sent to: Subscription Dept, Fax: +44 1264
342807, Tel: +44 1264 342173, Email: stmsubs@itps.co.uk or can be
ordered via the Internet by accessing the Journal pages at:

Editorial Information

There is an extensive, international board for Discrete Mathematics
and Theoretical Computer Science. Any queries regarding submission
should be forwarded to the Editor-in-Chief.


Daniel Krob, Université Paris 7, Paris, France
e-mail: dk@litp.ibp.fr 

Associate Editors

Maylis Delest, Université Bordeaux I, Bordeaux, France
Field: Discrete mathematics
e-mail: maylis@labri.u-bordeaux.fr 

Val Tannen, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
Field: Semantics and foundations of programming
e-mail: val@cis.upenn.edu 

Honorary Editors

I.M. Gelfand, Rutgers University, USA
e-mail: igelfand@maths.rutgers.edu 

Advisory editors

Philippe Flajolet, INRIA Rocquencourt, Rocquencourt, France
Field: Analysis of algorithms and data structures
e-mail: flajolet@margaux.inria.fr 

Adriano Garsia, University of California at San Diego, USA
Field: Algebraic combinatorics
e-mail: garsia@schur.ucsd.edu 

Alain Lascoux, Université Paris 7, Paris, France
Field: Algebraic combinatorics
e-mail: al@litp.ibp.fr 

Maurice Nivat, Université Paris 7, Paris, France
Field: Theoretical computer science
e-mail: tscmn@lipt.ibp.fr 

Managing Editors

Discrete mathematics

Algebraic combinatorics
Jean-Yves Thibon, Université de Marne-la Vallee, Noisy-le-Grand, France
e-mail: jyt@litp.ibp.fr 

Bijective and enumerative combinatorics
Christian Krattenthaler, Universität Wien, Wien, Austria
e-mail: kratt@pap.univie.ac.at 

Theory of graphs
Bruce Reed, Université Paris 6, Paris, France
e-mail: reed@lug.ibp.fr

Algebraic and combinatorial aspects of computer science

Analysis of algorithms and data structures
Jean Marc Steyaert, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France
e-mail: steyaert@lix.polytechnique.fr 

Automata and formal languages
Volker Diekert, Stuttgart Universität, Germany
e-mail: diekert@informatik.uni-stuttgart.de 

Computer algebra
Arjeh M. Cohen, RIACA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
e-mail: amc@win.tue.nl

Algorithms and complexity

Uwe Schoning, Universität Ulm, Germany
e-mail: schoening@informatik.uni-ulm.de 

Graph algorithms
Michel Morvan, Université Paris 7, Paris, France
e-mail: morvan@litp.ibp.fr 

Semantics and foundations of programming

Hubert Comon, Université d'Orsay, Orsay, France
e-mail: comon@lri.lri.fr 

Parallel and distributed algorithms and systems

Parallel programming
Chris Lengauer, Universität Passau, Germany
e-mail: lengauer@fmi.uni-passau.de 

Parallel architectures and algorithms
Alfonso Ferreira and Pierre Fraigniaud, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Lyon, France
e-mail: ferreira@lip.ens-lyon.fr, pfraign@lip.ens-lyon.fr 

Field Editors

Discrete mathematics

Algebraic combinatorics
Francesco Brenti, Universita di Perugia, Italy
e-mail: brent@ipgaix.unipg.it 

Omar Foda, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
e-mail: foda@maths.mu.oz.au 

Sergei Fomin, MIT, Boston, USA
e-mail: fomin@math.mit.edu 

Ira Gessel, Brandeis College, Boston, USA
e-mail: ira@chaos.cs.brandeis.edu 

Francois Jaeger, CNRS, Grenoble, France
e-mail: jaeger@imag.fr 

Anatol Kirillov, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
e-mail: kirillov@ker.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp 

K. Koikè, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
e-mail: koike@tansei.cc.u-tokyo.ac.jp 

Bernard Leclerc, Université de Caen, Caen, France
e-mail: bl@litp.ibp.fr 

Antonio Machi, Universita La Sapienza, Rome, Italy
e-mail: antonio.machi@dm.unirm1.it 

A. Morris, University of Aberystwith, UK
e-mail: aom@aber.ac.uk 

V. S. Retakh, Rutgers University, USA
e-mail: retakh@math.rutgers.edu 

Christophe Reutenauer, Université du Quebec a Montreal, Montreal, Canada
e-mail: christo@lacim.uqam.ca 

Bijective and enumerative combinatorics
Tony Guttmann, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
e-mail: tonyg@maths.mu.oz.au 

Don Rawlings, San Luis Oblisco University, USA
e-mail: drawling@tuba.aix.calpoly.edu 

Rodica Simion, George Washington University, Washington, USA
e-mail: viennot@labri.u-bordeaux.fr 

Herbert Wilf, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
e-mail: wilf@central.cis.upenn.edu 

Theory of graphs
Adrian Bondy, Universite Claude Bernard, Lyon, France
e-mail: jabondy@ccr.jussieu.fr 

Reinhard Diestel, TU Chemnitz, Germany
e-mail: Diestel@Mathematik.TU-Chemnitz.de 

Alan Frieze, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA
e-mail: af1p+@andrew.cmu.edu 

Bert Gerards, CWI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
e-mail: bgerards@cwi.nl 

Colin McDiarmid, Oxford University, Oxford, UK
e-mail: cmcd@stats.ox.ac.uk 

Bruce Reed, CNRS, Universite Paris VI, Paris, France
e-mail: reed@lug.ibp.fr 

Bruce Shepherd, London School Of Economics, London, England
e-mail: bruce@winston.lse.ac.uk 

Dominique Sotteau, CNRS, Universite de Paris Sud, Orsay, France
e-mail: sotteau@lri.lri.fr 

Robin Thomas, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA
e-mail: thomas@math.gatech.edu 

Zsolt Tuza, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary
e-mail: tuza@lutra.sztaki.hu 

Algebraic and combinatorial aspects of computer science

Analysis of algorithms and data structures
R. Kemp, Frankfurt Universität, Frankfurt, Germany
e-mail: kemp@thi.informatik.uni-frankfurt.de 

Helmut Prodinger, Technisches Universität Wien, Vienna, Austria
e-mail: proding@email.tuwien.ac.at

Michèle Soria, Université Paris 6, Paris, France
e-mail: michele.soria@litp.ibp.fr 

W. Szpankowski, Purdue University, USA
e-mail: spa@cs.purdue.edu 

Automata and formal languages
Zoltan Esik, University of Szeged, Hungary
e-mail: esik@inf.u-szeged.hu 

Masami Ito, Kyoto Sangyo University, Kyoto, Japan
e-mail: ito@ksuvx0.kyoto-su.ac.jp 

Matthias Jantzen, Hamburg Universität, Hamburg, Germany
e-mail: jantzen@informatik.uni-hamburg.de

Juhani Karhümaki, Turku University, Turku, Finland
e-mail: karhumak@cs.utu.fi 

Helmut Lange, Tuebingen Universität, Tuebingen, German

Antonio Restivo, University of Palermo, Italy
e-mail: restivo@altair.math.unipa.it 

Geraud Senizergues, Université de Bordeaux I, France
e-mail: geraud.senizergues@labri.u-bordeaux.fr 

Howard Straubing, Boston College, Boston, USA
e-mail: straubin@cs.bc.edu 

Wolfgang Thomas, Kehl University, Germany
e-mail: wt@jupiter.informatik.uni-kiel.dbp.de 

Pascal Weil, Université Paris 6, Paris, France
e-mail: pw@litp.ibp.fr 

Computer algebra
Nobuk Takayama, Kobe University, Kobe, Japan
e-mail: taka@math.s.kobe-u.ac.jp

Victor Ufnarowski, Italy
e-mail: caranti@volterra.science.unitn.it

Tomas Recio, Spain
e-mail: recio@matsun1.unican.es

Robert Sutor, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, USA
e-mail: sutor@watson.ibm.com

B. Buchberger, RISC, Linz, Austria
e-mail: buch@risc.uni-linz.ac.at

Gaston Gonnet, Switzerland
e-mail: gonnet@inf.ethz.ch

Algorithms and complexity

Jose Balcazar, Universita Politchnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
e-mail: balqui@lsi.upc.es 

Richard Beigel, Yale University, USA
e-mail: beigel-richard@cs.yale.edu 

Tonian Pitassi, University of Pittsburgh, USA
e-mail: toni@cs.pitt.edu 

Semantics and foundations of programming

Tobias Nipkow, Technische Universität München, Germany
e-mail: tobias.nipkow@informatik.tu-muenchen.de 

Harald Ganzinger, MPI Informatik, Saarbrucken, Germany
e-mail: hg@mpi-sb.mpg.de 

Phokion Kolaitis, University of California at Santa Cruz, USA
e-mail: kokaitis@cse.ucsc.edu 

Yves Lafont, Laboratoire de Mathématiques Discrètes, Marseille, France
e-mail: lafont@lmd.univ-mrs.fr 

Michael Maher, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA
e-mail: mjm@watson.ibm.com 

Dale Miller, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
e-mail: dale@cis.upenn.edu 

Victor Vianu, University of California at San Diego, USA
e-mail: vianu@cs.ucsd.edu 

Phililp Wadler, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK
e-mail: wadler@dcs.glasgow.ac.uk 

Parallel and distributed algorithms and systems

Parallel programming
Bjorn Lisper, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
e-mail: lisper@it.kth.se 

Benjamin Pierce, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA
e-mail: pierce@cs.indiana.edu

David B. Skillicorn, Queen's University, Kongston, Canada
e-mail: skill@qucis.queensu.ca 

Parallel architectures and algorithms
Sandheep Bhatt, Yale University, USA
e-mail: bhatt@cs.yale.edu 

Pascal Berthomé, LIP, ENS Lyon, Lyon, France
e-mail: berthome@lip.ens-lyon.fr 

Said Beetayeb, USA
e-mail: bettayeb@bit@csc.lsu.edu 

Gianfranco Bilardi, University of Padova, Italy and University of Illinois, Chicago, USA
e-mail: bilardi@.dei.unipd.it 

Robert Cypher, John Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA
e-mail: cypher@cs.jhu.edu 

Iain Duff, UK
e-mail: i.duff@letterbox.rl.ac.uk 

D. Frank Hsu, Fordham University, New York, USA
e-mail: hsu@murray.fordham.edu 

Chris Jesshope, UK
e-mail: e.jesshope@ee.surrey.ac.uk 

Roger Labahn, Germany
e-mail: labahn@appolo.math.uni-rostock.de 

Bruce Maggs, USA
e-mail: bruce@research.nj.nec.com 

Friedholm Meyer Auf der Heyde, Paderborn Universität, Paderborn, Germany
e-mail: fmadh@uni-paderborn.de 

Panos Pardalos, USA
e-mail: pardalos@math.ufl.edu 

David Peleg, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
e-mail: peleg@wisdon.weizmann.ac.il 

Thierry Priol, France
e-mail: thierry.priol@inria.fr 

Jose Rolim, Switzerland
e-mail: rolim@cui.unige.ch 

Ivan Stojmenovic, Canada
e-mail: ivan@csi.uottawa.ca 

Gilles Villard, France
e-mail: gvillard@mistral.imag.fr 

Tao Yang, USA
e-mail: tyang@cs.ucsb.edu 


Authors should contact Dr Krob, the Editor in Chief, for details of
submitting papers. A TeX style file is available for use on the
journal homepage, at www.CompSciNet.com - follow directions to the the
DMTCS journal and click the button for 'Authors'.