research position at Cambridge

       Calculi for Interactive Systems: Theory and Experiment
                  Postdoctoral Research Position 
             University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

A research position is available as part of an on-going project
consisting of two interlinked strands:

1.  the development of action calculi, a framework for exploring many
models of interactive behaviour, such as the pi calculus and its
extensions, lambda calculi, calculi for security and object-oriented

2.  the design and study of foundational calculi based upon the pi
calculus, and  accompanying prototype programming languages, in which
to describe and analyse migratory distributed systems.

We are looking for someone to focus on the dynamics of action calculi,
in particular on issues such as behavioural congruences, the study of
examples, and the analysis of the expressiveness of different calculi.
Applications are encouraged from those with a background in some of
the following: process algebra, operational semantics, type theory and
category theory. Knowledge of action calculi would be helpful but not

The start date is flexible.  The position is for between two and three
years, depending on the start date and the age of the applicant. For
further information regarding action calculi, see the web page


If you are interested in the research position, please contact
Philippa Gardner at Philippa.Gardner@cl.cam.ac.uk. It would be helpful
if you would enclose a CV and brief research summary.

Robin Milner
Philippa Gardner
Peter Sewell