Sixth International AMAST Conference
      AMAST '97,  December 13-17,  1997,  Sydney,  Australia. 
 We invite demonstrations of software tools and systems.
 The major goal of the AMAST Conferences is to put software 
 development technology on a firm, mathematical foundation.  An 
 important aspect of this long term goal is to circulate information
 about the experience of actual developments, and to encourage the
 development of and dissemination of information about software
 tools and development support systems.  Accordingly we invite
 submissions of demonstrations in the following two categories:
 1.  Tools and Engines to Support formal software development
 2.  Examples of systems developed using algebraic methodologies
 An essential component of mathematically founded software 
 development is computational support.  Following the successful 
 trend established in the 1995 and 1996 meetings AMAST'97 will 
 include sessions to demonstrate systems with relevance to algebraic 
 or logical methodologies of software development.  These sessions 
 have proved popular with attendees in the past as they provide an 
 opportunity for the wide range of researchers and practitioners 
 attending the conference to discover and to learn more about tools
 and computational engines to support their work. 
 The topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:
    - Software development environments 
    - Support for correct software development 
    - System support for reuse 
    - Tools for prototyping 
    - Validation and verification 
    - Computer algebra systems 
    - Theorem proving systems  
    - Engines and computational support for the above
    - Systems supporting the education of students and/or
      practitioners in relevant topics
 Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:
    - System demonstrations showing the improved effectiveness of 
      software developed on a mathematical basis.
    - Case studies.
    - Unsuccessful system developments. 
    - Reports on current commercial and industrial practice.
 We invite submissions of tool and system demonstrations.  
 Prospective demonstrators should submit electronically in one or 
 both of the following formats:
 1.  A paper of high quality of between two and five pages in LNCS 
     style.  Submissions in this category should be of theoretical
     merit and report on previously unpublished work.
 2.  An abstract of one to two pages providing a description of the 
     tool or system to be demonstrated and containing pointers to 
     further information, preferably available electronically.  It 
     is anticipated that the abstracts will be published at the 
     rear of the proceedings in the form of a reference for 
     practitioners, and additionally as an on-line reference on the 
     world wide web.
 Please see details at http://www.cs.mq.edu.au/amast97 under 
 "submission" which explain how to get a paper number, and then 
 submit a fully self-contained postscript file via ftp (preferably 
 derived from LaTeX with the LNCS style on a standard UNIX system).  
 If for any reason it is impossible to submit electronically
 authors may send six paper copies of their submission to the Tools
 and Demos address below.  All papers will be refereed and will be 
 judged based on their significance, technical merit, and relevance 
 to the conference.  As in the past, we expect the  proceedings to
 be published by Springer-Verlag in their Lecture Notes in Computer 
 Science Series. Papers and abstracts should be received by 
 July 7, 1997. 
 General AMAST Goals
 The major goal of the AMAST Conferences is to put software development 
 technology on a firm, mathematical foundation.  Particular emphasis 
 is given to algebraic and logical foundations of software technology.
 An eventual goal is to establish algebraic and logical methodologies
 as practically viable and attractive alternatives to the prevailing
 approaches to software engineering.  Previous meetings of AMAST were
 held in Iowa (1989 and 1991), Twente, Holland (1993), Montreal (1995)
 and Munich (1996). During these meetings, AMAST has attracted an
 international spread of researchers and practitioners interested in
 software technology, programming methodology and their algebraic and
 logical foundations.  In addition, the first day of each conference
 has been dedicated to Mathematics Education for Software Engineers.
 The sixth AMAST International Conference will be held at Macquarie
 University, Sydney, Australia, from December 13 to December 17, 1997. 
 Further Information
 Address for non-electronic submissions and inquiries:
     Richard Buckland
     AMAST'97 Tools and Demos
     School of Computer Science and Engineering
     University of New South Wales
     Sydney, 2052, Australia
     Phone: ++61 (0)2 9698 7975
     Fax:   ++61 (0)2 9385 5995
 For further information on the conference:
 AMAST General Chair: Maurice Nivat (France) 
 Programme Chair: Michael Johnson (Australia) 
 Programme Committee
 V.S. Alagar (Canada), Egidio Astesiano (Italy),
 Didier Begay (France), Richard Buckland (Australia),
 John Cannon (Australia), Kokichi Futatsugi (Japan),
 Armando Haeberer (Brazil), Paola Inverardi (Italy), 
 Michael Johnson (Australia), Rocco De Nicola (Italy), 
 Anton Nijholt (Netherlands), Fernando Orejas (Spain), 
 Mehmet Orgun (Australia), John Plaice (Canada) 
 John Potter (Microsoft Research Institute), 
 R. Ramanujam (India), Charles Rattray (Great Britain), 
 Teodor Rus (USA), T. Sakabe (Japan), Giuseppe Scollo (Netherlands), 
 R.K. Shyamasundar (India), Andrzej Tarlecki (Poland), 
 R.F.C Walters (Australia), Martin Wirsing (Germany). 
 Tool and System Demos Committee
 Richard Buckland (University of New South Wales)
 Ken Robinson (University of New South Wales)
 Jon Tidswell (Microsoft Research Institute)
 Important Dates for Tool and System Demonstrations
 Submission of Demo Proposals: July 12, 1997
 Author notification of outcome: August 12, 1997
 Camera ready copy received by: September 1, 1997
 Education Day: December 13, 1997
 Conference Days: December 14-17, 1997
 [This announcement is available on the AMAST'97  WWW site, 
 at URL: http://www.cs.mq.edu.au/amast97/demo-cfp.html ]